Monday, December 27, 2010

Cabin Fever......

Unlike this beautiful American Goldfish....haha inside joke here....
I don't tolerate the snow and cold very well.
I know you guys think I do cause I am always wanting to be a homebody and do inside things such as sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting, decorating, painting, crafting, etc etc etc.....but when I HAVE to stay in I do not handle it very well.
It has been soooo nasty here for the past several days. Yes we had a white Christmas, but Bah Humbug on that one!!
I did have a good Christmas and I hope the children did too.
Here you see Emma with her new American Girl doll that I bought her.
Don't they look alike??
Now I have to make her some clothes for her doll, maybe some matchy matchy ones for them both!
Colton only asked for money this year so that he could buy him a really good coon hunting light
he asked everyone for money and he ended up with over $336!
He shouldn't have any trouble seeing his way around the woods now!
Morgan is now 16 and she didn't really ask for anything other than chapstick and hair products!
She got a huge box of make-up and all sorts of other girly girl personals, a foot bath, a jewelry box and hair products! She was happy!
The best gifts...well it was a hit with the kids anyway.....were fleece throws with their names embroidered on them!
I found some really nice throws at Dollar General for $12 and used the new embroidery machine to put their names on them and they were a HUGE hit!!
Colton told his mom that was the best gift that he got this year!!
WOOT WOOT!!! I was just wanting to try out the machine but I guess it was a good item to practice on, Leslie even wants one now!!
I bought myself this feeder for Christmas.....I bought all my own presents this year cause he doesn't do things like that....urgh, why is it so hard to walk into a store and say to yourself.."My wife might like this!" or "This would be something she could use!"
I have had the best time birdwatching in this storm.
I have had about 35 goldfinches at one time and up to 8 purple finch males.
Many many other birds too.

It really does my heart good to be able to see these from my windows.

So I have done enough whining about the weather, a husband who doesn't love me enough to shop for me and anything else that I can gripe about.
Now I am going to turn over a new leaf.
Another new leaf!
Since I will be starting to work full time next week with my new job, I plan to put that money to some good use.
I am going to hire some things done around my house.
I have been making lists and drawing out the plans.
I will start with getting "the boys".....(the men who put our roof and vinyl siding on a few years ago, and they are needing work in this tough economy) build the steps back up into the apartment over the garage that Danny tore down 9 years ago, so that I can store things up there out of my way such as Christmas decorations. This room will eventually become a sewing/quilting studio.
They will then close my side porch in and extend my great room for some much needed space.
After that I will hire them to build my glass conservatory on the side of my home.
I have always wanted one and I will have to hire it done myself in order to get it!!
Oh well!

Maybe while Virgil and Paul are building these things, Danny can get to work on my barn?
I also have great big plans for the inside of the house.
You know how I like white, right?
Well I do love my white floors, even though I can't get people to not wear their shoes over them, and I have found that I can clean them easily with a steam mop.
I love the white so much that I will and I say I WILL paint my kitchen cabinets white!!
Watch me!!
Danny doesn't want them white but he did not want the ones at The Fairy's Rest to be painted white either. After I painted them white he loved them!!
Have you heard the old saying "If Mama ain't happy, ain't no body happy!"?
Okay then!! Nuff said?
When he starts being of concern about anything that goes on inside of this house other than a full plate of food and where the TV remote is, I will listen to his wishes, until then my paint brush handle will be warm!
I started today with the bathroom's all white and purty and he hasn't even noticed it yet!!!!
Go figure!!
So each evening after work I will do a dab of painting as stress relief and therapy for my SAD! That's another self diagnoses!!
Then before you know it I will have a lot of painting finished and be all the happier person!
I hope!
Wish me luck on that one!!


Brenda said...

Sounds like you have some wonderful plans for your home. I'll bet the birds are enjoying your feeders in this storm. They are beautiful.

basketsbyrose said...

Love your birds! I shop for myself also, and it is a big surprise to my DH what I get on Christmas morning!

Mel said...

What beautiful finches!

You knew exactly what you needed, and just look at all the hungery birds that came to your feeders.

My list of to do's are so long, there's not enough room on a blog page to list them all.

Oh, I do hope, you'll post some pics of your cabinet you just painted. I've been wanting to paint mine, Home Depot has cabinet paint, but waiting on the tint to mix with it. They said; it was on back order, should be coming soon.

Thanks for sharing your up close finch photo's.

Lorilee said...

I am envying your variety of birds at your bird feeder! I have only seen a purple finch one time and goldfinches a few times at my feeders. I do get lots of cardinals which I adore. We have tons of house sparrows, whitewing doves, ground doves, and some blue jays.
Christmas Blessings,

the canned quilter said...

Wow have you got plans! We too had a white Christmas and have been somewhat home bound. Wanted to let you know that I too do my own christmas buying for myself. O Wise One has started shopping for the boys and son in law as they are all outdoorsman he does a wonderful job buying them hunting and fishing things : )Have a great New Years...

The Hobbit said...

Sounds like your plate of to-do is pretty full. Love the birds. We had a white Christmas one day late but, that's to be expected in New England I could have done without it seeing as how hubby got a new knee for Christmas and it made getting home pretty nasty. Looking forward to your projects.

LynnS said...

Boy oh boy do you have plans!! Glad to see that you got an embroidery machine and had a chance to use it spoiling those grandkids!

So Danny doesn't buy you Christmas presents? (What are Christmas presents anyway? Do you mean those things that are wrapped and given to you before you get married? Is that what you mean?)

I like your new feeder!

Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life said...

Your new feeder is beautiful. I did some shopping for myself this year too. Good luck with all your remodeling plans. They sound great.