Saturday, December 4, 2010

Well my dear cousin, this post is for you!

My dear sweet cousin Martha lives on the other end of the state of Virginia from me and she is a faithful reader of my blog. She must really lead a boring life!! Just kidding, she has a brand new grandson and her life won't be boring for many years!
She is also my facebook friend and left me the sweetest comment yesterday about how she really has missed my blog posts and what was I up to that I didn't have time to post any more. She also said that when she came to my blog each day it was like looking at a good magazine!!! OMG!!! I felt so honored! LOL!
So Martha, I have spent 2 days now knocking down the cobwebs and trying to assemble what one might see as a Christmasy home!
Just for you ;-)

We are sitting under our first snowfall of the year......and albeit beautiful and inspiring to help me get in the Christmas spirit.....I hope it's the last snowfall of the year!!
I had enough snow last year to do me for the rest of my life!
I did get a great amount of enjoyement from watching the feeding frenzy at my bird feeders tho!
I wish this picture could warm my heart but it doesn't.....

This one sorta warms my heart!
If the picture really captured the beauty of the lit tree I would be much happier.
I tried many settings on my fancy smancy camera but it still never looked like it does in person.
In this picture the tree skirt appears to majorly clash with the rest of the tree, but in person it's not to bad a match.

My nativity set that my mom bought me about 20 years ago.

My vintage Santa salt and peppers in front of a pot of Amaryllis. I have paper whites started too. I have to garden year round or I will go crazy!
Oh yeah......I must mention here that my dearest husband has agreed to build me a glass conservatory on the side of my house!!!!
I have begged for one of those for ever!
Of course I had the detached wood and glass greenhouse that was very very cold and very expensive to heat, that is now a hot tub room. The new one can be heated by our outdoor wood furnace!! Yay!!!! I can't wait!

You guys know how much I like to camp and I could not resist this to add to my Christmas Village!!! Too stinking cute!!!
So other than healing physically (shingles mostly gone)but losing it mentally (my job), I have been working almost full time hours for a couple weeks and will for a few more. I am not enjoying my job as much as I once was, maybe the holidays, maybe the winter weather, maybe the job itself, maybe just a mood that I am in????? Who knows?? I am just not feeling the love!
I am back to soul searching again and I have to decide what is right for me. Until then I am enjoying the extra money, but money isn't everything!
I am hoping the snow melts tomorrow so I will be in a better mood!
Danny even bought me the sweetest pair of cowgirlish cowboy boots yesterday and I don't even want to get out in the snow with them on. We bought each other boots for Christmas!! I have been wanting these for quite a while and I saw them, pulled out my size and slipped them on and they felt like they were made for me! I wore them home from the store all giddy just like a little child!!!! When I got home I realized that I had the tags hanging off the side!!! hahahaha
Now I just don't want to get them dirty!!!
Hope you guys are having a great time in the snow, if you have it at your home, and that you are enjoying your holiday decorating!!
Talk soon!!



Love the photos and post.
Have a great day !

Brenda said...

Becky! I've missed you so much! I agree that reading your posts is like viewing a nice magazine. You take such care with your photos. I hope you fine your "Happy" again real soon!

I know I need to blog again too, but just can't seem to find the time to put it together. Maybe someday soon. Take care!

Kelle said...

You don't have to be family to miss you, do you? We've certainly missed your posts but also know how "Life Happens" too*wink*

Your Christmas decor is beautiful and so warm and inviting.
Hugs to you and yours this holiday season. :o)

the canned quilter said...

Have missed ya Sis! How funny I just bought O Wise One new boots for his birthday. It's the year of boots....So nice to have you back and so glad to hear you are healing from those shingles : )

The Hobbit said...

Glad you're well enough to post. Hope you keep at it!! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

OurCrazyFarm said...

You have been missed my dear friend Becky!! Great pictures! Love that stove! So glad you're feeling better:)) You've got me in the mood to decorate for Christmas now!