Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A little o' this and a little o' that....

I have been doing a little whining about the snow.....
a little whining about the cold weather.....
(well, a lot of whining but who's keeping tally?)
a little bird watching.....
Wish it could be a lot but the bringing home the bacon gets in the way....
I am loving all the colorful birds that are at my feeders now...
Never saw a purple finch til this year.
I was pulling into the driveway one day and spotted one in my feeder and I almost ran over the garage while staring in total amazement!!!
Do you think Danny would understand?
I was driving his truck!!!

I don't think this little fella likes the snow and ice any better than I do!!

He looks as if he is puffed up pouting just like me when I have to get out and brave the elements to go to work......slipping and sliding on our skating rink slick driveway to the truck....fell one morning, no injuries except to my pride......I have to put the truck in four wheel drive and still can barely get out of my driveway and up my hill on the main road......
did I mention the cold?
It has been so cold that we had a "heat wave" today with temps around 30 degrees!!!!!!
We lost our 2 baby goats last week, apparently from freezing to death.
I don't even like to think about how horrible that was.
The temp was around zero for many days and wind gusts between 40 and 55 miles per hour.
The poor little babies just couldn't cut it.
I am this close to hanging up my goat farming license.
I know that it is not meant for me to have a spotted goat.
Just sayin.....
and that's all I have to say about that.

I have been gardening indoors!
My first attempt at forcing paperwhites.
This is what they looked like at 2 weeks after planting the bulbs.
Danny and Colton say that they are very pretty onions!
They are very very fragrant and it's a fragrance that I could really do without due to my many allergies but so far I am OK.
They are really really good for my soul!

I think I will try these again next year!

Still trying to get ready for HoHoHo to appear.
I have wrapped zero gifts as of yet.
I will do that tomorrow morning and make sure the list is all checked off, if not I will make a run for it to finish up. Then I will just sit back and let the fun begin.
Robin and Eric will be here for a couple days, coming in tomorrow before the next big winter storm that they are calling for on Christmas Eve and Day!!! URGH!!!!!
I hate winter............
Had an all day Christmas party at work today....well not all day but it was festive all day. Patients bringing in goodies to eat all week, Dr's gifting us for all our hard work!!! I made off really good too! Even got to do some at work shopping today.....we have a really great gift shop in the hospital and they had 50% off all their Christmas merchandise. We all took turns going down and the average loot was 3 bags each....of course I came back with 3 bags too!!
Makes for a really fun day!!
I have my house really clean cause I cleaned it ALL weekend last weekend and have kept it pretty clean this week.
One major thing crossed off that list.
Wrapping gifts, cooking and a couple embroidery projects to be completed for gifts and that's it for this old woman!!
I am going to sit back and rest and enjoy my last 2 weeks at my part time job...........cause I just got a new job that's full time!
What the heck am I thinking about these days?
It's a true brain freeze!
I just obtained a fulltime position as the Cardiology nurse in our office!!
I am excited about this....even though I don't really want to work.....the Dr is the nicest man any one has ever met!!! His patients are wonderful and the job is easy!
Wish me luck!
So that's another chapter in my little world!
I wish all of you a
Merry Merry Christmas!!!


Brenda said...

Merry Christmas to you, Becky! Congratulations on your new position. I hope you enjoy it.

I'm really sorry about your baby goats. The cold is so hard on them. If you're still planning to travel to Terri's sometime this spring, you can stop by here and pick out a little spotted Nubian doe to take back home with you. I'm sure I'm not to far off your driving route to here place. :D

I love your photos of the birds... especially the one cleaning the snow off of his little foot.

the canned quilter said...

I am so sorry about the baby goats. I get so attached to my animals and I know how hard it can be to lose one. Congrats on the new job. I am sure you will be wonderful at it. Wishing you and the family a very merry Christmas.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Merry Christmas my bloggy friend! Hope it's a great time with family and festivities! I am so sorry about the goats ~ I'm sad for you:(( You could stop by Brenda's house and bring her with you if you too come next spring, and how about Mrs. Canned Quilter~ she's on your way, too! Who else can you fit in that cute car?