Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just call BR-549......

.......and I will fix you right up! That is if you are in the market for a sewing machine or serger or if you are selling one of those items. Cause girls it seems that I have "trader" in my blood. I feel just like Junior Samples from Hee Haw! I know that most of you guys who read my blog are old enough to remember Hee Haw, right?

Yep ole Jr here has been wheelin and a dealin and has purged 4 sewing machines in the past couple months and gained ..........ssshhhhhhhh...two new ones!! My new Juki TL98Q....


My latest deal has come down this weekend. I decided on Thursday to bite the bullet and list my Baby Lock Quilters Choice on ebay........remember the trip across the state last year to pick her up? Yeah me too. I did love her but I also didn't need her anymore and was really really jealous of my daughter Robin and her incredible Bernina embroidery machine and knew that I couldn't live much longer without a similar machine! So I listed my baby on Thursday and some nice seamstress from Hawaii needed her and purchased her on Saturday!! Well what do you know? I made exactly enough on my baby to buy me a new baby! Actually a new Brother!! (Not that I really wanted another brother cause the one that I already have has never liked real life brother that is!) But I found this Brother PE770 Embroidery only machine and it's now on it's way to my house!! Yay I traded for myself a wonderful Christmas present that I didn't really even have to cough up any money for!! (I purchased my machine from, it was cheaper there but has the video for it)
The Elna Serger and two other Kenmores were sold in my etsy shop. I think I like trading sewing machines almost as much as collecting them! Maybe that's the indecisiveness of me being a Gemini coming thru? Hey at least it's not car trading. I used to LOVE the smell of a new car but I think I finally grew out of that one. Not that I wouldn't like a newer pick-up to pull our boat with but I don't think I have enough sewing machines sitting around to pay for that one right now. Even though I did make that great trade a couple years ago via Craigslist to basically trade one boat and one camper for a much larger and 14 years newer boat!!!!! I think I'll stick to trading sewing machines for now!
Now will someone please find me some time to play with all these new toys?????? PLEASE!!!! I beg of you! I will get my embroidery machine this week and maybe be able to come up with enough time to learn how to thread it before Christmas! I also have a "Black Friday on Saturday" sale item, a new Cricut to play with someday! I saved $140 on it and just "had" to have it too!! Got it for $59!! Now if I could trade something else around to get the money for an Accuquilt-Go Cutter????? Hmmmm.....maybe a coondog?? Imagine all the toys I could purchase if I could sell Little Ann??
So this leaves me with the Juki for quilting, in or out of the frames, and regular sewing if I wish. The Bernina for regular sewing, and yet one more Kenmore that has all the bells and whistles, more bells and whistles than my Bernina, that also sews like a dream. My Singer serger. And now my embroidery machine. I think I have all my needs covered pretty well. What do you think? Maybe sell the Bernina too?? hmmmmm?????
I think I will get off of here and go slap together a charm pack or something quick since I have the sewing fever really bad today and it is a nasty wintery mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain coming down outside right now. Maybe I can talk Danny into a cooking a pot of pinto beans and cornbread while I sew??????? I should be cleaning my sewing room back up cause it does not look like this right now!
I'll be back soon with pictures of all my new projects!!
Stay warm my friends!!

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WOW all sounds great ! HEE HAW OMG I remember that show. My mum was a seemstress and she did embroidery by hand the old fashioned way, I remember the lovely table cloths she made. Have a warm and happy day !