Thursday, March 19, 2009

I have salesman bred into me I guess!!

My father was a car salesman and I have always thought I could do that too. Now I really think I can. You see, I really really wanted a new bigger boat as you read in an earlier post. The only way my dh would even consider looking at a new boat was for me to sell some of my toys that I already have.
Such as this great popup camper that has hardly been used.
And 'Ole Faithful' our small but great boat that has been a blast for the past 2 summers.

And What do ya know!! I did it. Here it is!

Our new to us that is.....1998 Bayliner Rendevouz deck boat!!!


Yes I sure did it. When dh gave me the ultimatum I jumped on it and posted both items to Craigslist and in 20 minutes....not a typo ....20 minutes later the camper sold and in a few days the boat was sold and picked up in just over a week. The gentleman that bought the boat traveled 5 hours one way for it because he loves classic Checkmate boats and wanted this for he and his family. I really wish him at least half the fun that our family has had on this boat.

So we were able to obtain our new upgraded boat with only a little bit of difference in money. Frugal boat shopping huh??? It is 14 years newer and soooooo much bigger (21 foot) than our other boat. We are both very excited and apprehensive about our maiden voyage with this ship!!! I am sure my skipper will be just fine on the water. We do have to wait a couple weeks for our paperwork to come in from Richmond. The guy who bought ours is in NC and he got his paperwork done the next morning and is ready to hit the water.....NO FAIR..
We have spent a lot of time sitting in it in the driveway though. Stereo turned up, sitting in different seats and we even put the bimimi top up last evening just for effect!!!! We both love it. He is really excited because it is tricked up for fishing with all the boy toys. I guess it is OK that we can't run it yet because I have been so sick with some sort of URI that is getting the best of me. I have had it for about 4 weeks and just finished one round of antibiotics and I am worse today then ever!!

Have a blessed day!

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Farm Chick Paula said...

You are quite the salesman, Becky!
We've also had really good luck with craigslist... we've sold three or four things just in the last couple of months.
Love your new toy! You're gonna have a fun summer, I can tell!