Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!

Baby wanted!
Well I have been there and done that and I will leave the baby making for others. I am however in love with enamelware and this terrific vintage baby bath tub I found in an antique store this weekend. I found a few other great pieces but this one really strikes a chord in my heart!!!!!
Of course I don't have any babes around to bathe but I have some other plans for this big vessel. Such as laundry or garden goodies. However, women in those days must have been very strong, especially if they could pickup this very heavy pan full of bath water and a baby in which they could throw out!!!!


Sage said...

LOVE IT!! And I'm sure they were strong! They raised our mothers and grandmothers didn't they?? (we won't mention the men no no)

Leslie said...

So cute!! I'm sure you will find tons of uses for it. I saw lots of enamel on my antiquing trip today but no baby tubs. We will have to go again soon.