Monday, March 2, 2009

I love vintage enamelware!!

Very large pan that could be a dishpan.
Several pieces awaiting their new home.

This is where they are going. I am decorating the top of my cabinets with the enamelware, pip berry garland, a few baskets and maybe some Christmas lights.

My little egg pan! It is like a small dishpan that is perfect for my 12 eggs that I get each day to be washed in. Notice my enamel topper on my kitchen island?

And this one is a larger basin that is perfect for those delicate handwashables like my favorite blouse.
We have been working on the kitchen all weekend. A 4 day weekend for me as we were closed today for the 12" of snow that we have here. The kitchen has a lot of repairs to be done on the drywall since we replaced the foundation under the house and had to jack the house up where it was sagging in the middle therefore cracking the sheetrock in many many places. What a pain in the butt to repair too, around kitchen cabinets etc. I had my dear hubby helping me though. I had to beg cause he doesn't like inside work!!

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