Monday, March 2, 2009

Kitchen in progress!

So here's the snow. 12" and up to 4' drifts.
Opps I didn't relize that this one needed to be flipped. Sorry! This is my new shelves in the kitchen. Danny had to put a piece of plywood on the wall to hang the shelves (old house ya know) and so we had some room to hang my castiron pans on the wall too. I love all this new storage!!!

A better shot! See my new Calphalon cookware that I treated myself to a few weeks ago. I love vintage cast iron, enamelware and new calphalon too ;-)

I moved my little hoozier to the kitchen beside my island a couple weeks ago whilst trying to gain some organization and it is working well so far. The pot rack has been hung in 2 other places in the kitchen and he told me today as he was moving it yet again that he wasn't going to move it again!! I love it here. I don't think we will hit our head on the pots now.

The hoozier has the same enamel top that the island does.
I really enjoyed my snowday decorating and cooking. I made a big pot of Vegetable soup, 2 loaves of homemade oatmeal bread, 2 loaves of Amish bread and a chocolate pudding cake. I felt as if I was a housewife again. I have to shake that off tomorrow morning.
I know that most of the country is under snow and I hope that all of you are warm and safe.
God Bless.

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Sage said...

LOVE THE SNOW!! Wish we had gotten some..but alas..nothing here in the south..boohhoooo!