Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great new old dishes!

Well he never ceases to surprise me! No not the way some men surprise their wives by bringing home gifts of great vintage items! But he surprises me often by the crazy things I can talk him into, such as yardsales even though he loathes yardsales. He is such a pushover sometimes.
Yes he did surprise me by stopping at this one but what really surprised me even more was the fact that "this" yardsale had such good stuff! You see I guess I just needed a Memorial Day yardsale fix and this was the only sale that I spotted and he was driving which it is remarkable that the truck had brakes at that time. This yard however was SO JUNKY/CREEPY but there was a slew of stuff sitting there and no other shoppers. I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted these. A great set of Pyrex Refridgerater Dishes that appear to be new. I also found 2 Princess House Fantasia Mugs to go with my 1000 +/- pieces for $0.50 each. The Pyrex set was $15.
I have already enjoyed using these for a variety of things. My mom had a set of red ones way back and I always thought they were really neat too. Why can't they make great items like these now a days? Well I guess it wouldn't be any fun to just go to the store and buy them brand new now would it?


RiverBend Farm said...

Love 'em! These are the kind of dishes I grew up with. What could be better than something from your childhood? Great hubby too.

Sharon said...

Those are just wonderful! I have been looking for a set my self. My mother had a set with the blue, red and yellow lids. Great find! Thanks for sharing :)

Have a great day!