Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What to do? What to do?

I am spinning my wheels it seems. I have all this time on my hands and it doesn't seem like I am getting anything done. I get up in the morning, early, and I don't even know which way to go because there is sooooooo much to be done. WHEW!! What a dilema right?
My last day at work was Thursday and Friday I tried to kill myself!! I mean I really did! I got up at 6:30 and didn't turn on the computer or TV, only the radio and I started cleaning my kitchen. I cleaned it from head to toe. It was truely sanitized when I was finished. I had been at work in the Dr's office with the first week of the swine flu scare and we had a really nasty virus going around so I guess I had that in mind when I cleaned so darned good. No cooties in my kitchen or my bathrooms or laundry room by nightime!!!! I thought I would just kill over with the pain of true fatigue and muscle aches. Couldn't do another darned thing all weekend long!!! LOL!
Maybe I am too old to be a stay at homer anymore. Yesterday I had a semi-dry day and I painted the inside of the barn white. Yes the dairy barn is mine and the dairy goat girlies like shabby chic too!!! It is so bright and fresh looking now. It however wore me out again. I could hardly sleep last night. It rained all night and day today and I thought it was the damp weather working my old tired muscles but as of around 6 pm it hit me that I am coming down with something......probably the horrible virus that was at the office last week. Bummer!! Maybe it will be over before the weekend when the sun is supposed to shine again. I have a hayfield to mow and bale in my yard and lots more garden to get planted and many more projects to get to.
I know we need the rain but boy are we getting it this spring!!!

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Berte said...

Just came over to visit your blog. I love your little salon you've got. I wish you the best on your endeavor.
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