Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's just a labor of love!

OK Folks. This all got started 8 years ago, when I/we were much younger and had lots of energy! I thought I should explain that right up front because you should be able to tell that we have ran out of steam now. This remodel has been an adventure that's for sure. I have been aiming for a long time to try and post the before and after's and I kept putting it off til today. I guess I had blogger's block and couldn't think of anything interesting going on around here except the enormous buckets of ran that has been coming down til this morning when I hopped over to see Shandra at and saw her for & aft pics of her landscaping. OMG!!! They should have a hottub sitting on that deck to crawl in at night after all that hard work they have done too!!!!!!! Just take a peek at her yummy yummy veggie garden. I have veggie garden envy now!!!

May 2008 after.
May 2008 after with the new addition of my master suite that I love! Should be called "Queen's Suite"!!

This one was Mother's Day 2009 We are getting there!
(sorry but the pics below were scanned and I hope that you can click to enlarge them but if not please get a magnifying glass so you get the gist of the before's)

July 2001 I had some better before pics but I can't find them now. We had already started painting the window trim here, it was brown like the rest of the house. Notice all the trees!

Sept 2001 we were painting the navy blue with white trim that I loved until the navy paint started peeling in a couple years. Yuck!

Sept 2001's garden was the best ever, not planted til middle of June either. Guess it was all that shade ;-)

While I was gone to the grocery store my big timberjack decided that all my rotton-at-the-trunk-pine shade trees had to go.

What a pile of firewood we had that winter!

And this is what I came home to! A 45 foot pine thru the garage that ripped the deck down! (don't tell anyone but the deck/stairs haven't been replaced yet!!!!) honey where are you?

July 4th 2002

July 4th 2002. This is my precious grandson Colton standing in my GORGEOUS FLOWER GARDEN!!! I had a HUGE cookout that evening and my flowers have never looked better than they did that very day. Actually half of the flower bed got trashed when we put the foundation under the house, the rock on the foundation, the patios, the roof and the vinyl siding. I guess it was a good trade!

June 1978 (I think) before!

Nov 2006 after! I guess that happens when we eat like we did tonight. I made "The pot of chicken and dumplings that tasted just like his mother's" ........Yes that was in his own words!!! It only took 32 years of trial and error. Not bad for a beginner huh?
So now you understand why I am wore out all the time, why we are broke and why we never go anywhere fun. We have only spent time at Lowe's and Home Depot for the past 8 years. That's OK we always eat good!!!!!
I hope I haven't bored you guys to pieces with this incredibly long post!!


RiverBend Farm said...

The house has come a long way and looks fabulous. I understand completely about spending all the time and money at Lowes and Home Depot. We finished the house and now don't have the funds to put in much needed dirt and grass. And I hear ya about the bodies..this ol' gray mare ain't what she used to be.

Jane said...

Wow! You sure did a great job on the landscaping. Want to come over and do mine?

Shanda said...

Hi Becky, so nice to meet you and thank you for all the swet comments and compliments. Everything sure looks wonderful at your place, it takes a lot of time and a whole lot of work huh? Hope you have good luck with your garden if you do so choose to make one. This is my second year with a fenced in versi and on in raised ibeds. My parents were big gardeners and we always had to help out and I swore I would never have a garden and can, never say never.

Oh and there is most certainly a hot tub on my patio. I saved my tips for two years to buy it, we love it, especially during the winter. We drain it and shut it down for the summer months, just too hot to sit oin hot water outside here in Missouri. Its so nice to meet someone who has a lot in common with me. Enjoyed my visit here,

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Thanks ladies!

Berte- About the money, why do you think it has taken us 8 years and we still aren't finished???? The money for some reason was able to come quicker though than time and energy for these 2 old plugs!!!

Jane- I'll be happy to come right over as soon as we are finished here. Somewhere around June 2030!! Go ahead and be making plans ;-)

Shandra- I hear ya about the hottub and hot weather. We have ours in a building and have a/c but we still only get in it in the summer for the most part. My kids and grandkids seem to only want to get in it in hot weather. They think it's too cold to walk out there in the winter!! May be a cold walk out but not back!!

Thanks to all of you for stopping by!!!