Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm in love.........

with pickles...
lots of pickles...

Apparently, I am really in love with pickles. I talked my dear husband into purchasing 1/2 bushel of pickling cucumbers Friday evening. I mean it was only 1/2 bushel. That would just be enough to build my stash of yummy sweet Lime Pickles like I made last year.........What was I thinking???? I now have pickles coming out of my ears!!!!

I am only half way thru and I am already at 10 1/2 quarts or 21 pints!!!! I am looking at about 42 pints!!!!! Oh Goody Goody!!! We do really love em. My mother always said that lime pickles were yucky so I wouldn't even try them til last year. My sil told me she liked them so I tried them and OMG they are the best pickles in the world!!! If you have never tried them you should be ashamed of am I, for letting all those great cukes go to waste. The recipe is on the pickling lime can. Old South Lime pickles. If you are interested and cannot find it, let me know and I'll get it to you.
The best part is I am starting to get a slew of cukes in my garden ;-) I should get my fill of these beauties this year!!!

I am also in love with my new triplets!!!! A little white/red girl...OH SOOOO CUTE!!!! named Goldie.
A solid white boy...with an angelic face named Silver.
A brown boy....JUST PRECIOUS and he really likes me too!! named Bronze. Rusty for short ;-)
See the pattern order of birth, we watched, 1st a gold, 2nd silver and 3rd bronze....
We have three Olympian Gymnast. They will need to be gymnast to keep up with Tango's tricks and flips that he can do!! He has more energy than any goat I have ever seen. I guess it's cause I am such a good mother.....guess that makes me an ole nanny goat huh????
This is the last of the babies for this year. 5 total! Whew, it's been hectic with a lot of nail biting and hair pulling :) Leslie was here and got to see the triplets birth with us and she was so excited. The grandpunks all missed it though. Maybe next year!!!

2 comments: said...

Hi Rebecca!

Thank you for your sweet comment on the site. I think we are recovering the best that anyone possibly could. We, thankfully, have a faith-filled marriage so we spend a lot of time in prayer. It's comforting -- especially when something or someone reminds us of one of the kids by the way they look or something they say.

We're doing better than we thought we would be and the baby goat sure has helped.

I've spent the last twenty minutes cruising your site. You have lovely goats and I'm so sorry for the loss of Durango.

Please keep in touch!


Leslie said...

Yummy can't wait for some pickles. Looks like you will have some to share...Maybe!