Thursday, July 2, 2009

This is a day that the Lord has made.......

Introducing Sunny Morning Farm's Durango's Tango!! Check out those spots, looks just like his Pappy Durango! We really wanted spots and boy did he deliver. This is not a good picture of his long legs and looooooong ears and a beautiful perfect roman nose but my camera was acting up. Robin has some of him up and about that I'll post asap. Only one. Boy did Violet fool us on this one, only one.....
I am not really sure how she is going to be as a mother. She doesn't appear to know what to do with him yet. We went ahead and milked her out and saved the colostrum to try him on the bottle in a couple hours if he doesn't seem to be nursing. He wants to and knows how but she doesn't want him to. Her teat was slimy when I milked her out though so I think he has been sucking a bit.
Robin, Morgan and I ventured into Amish Country today and had a ball!! We have a very small Amish community about an hour from us that I have heard of but thought it was much further down the road. We shopped at 2 stores in the community. Made out with the mother lode too!!!! I bought 26 dozen can lids. What was I thinking?? 26 dozen?? That's a lot of work! But they were sooooo cheap. I also found a great stainless steel milk pail for $26, it sells for $43 plus tax and shipping from the supply catalog. I now have milk on it's way!!!!!!! OMG!!! That makes me happy!!

Morgan about did the pee pee dance when we saw this sign! I plan to take her to Lancaster Pa. We went about 11 years ago and it was by far our best vacation ever. I just love all the farms and their way of life.
As I said this is a day......... I had a Dr's appt this morning and left with some disturbing news. About 6 months ago I had a small place, well a couple small areas, come up in my scalp that wouldn't go away. Mentioned it to my family Dr and she sent me to a dermatologist. Was treated for a couple weeks for psoriosis, didn't get any better so she biopsied it a couple weeks ago. She was as shocked as I was by the diagnosis of "Sarcoidosis". Of course being nurses both Robin and I know what it means but were speachless and drew blanks about what this would mean for me. I knew it would effect the lungs and involved nodules but that's about it. I also knew it was autoimmune and it may answer the 8 year question of what has been going on with my joints. They could not figure out what was wrong with me after checking for everything.

I now have to go for bloodwork, a chest Xray, an eye exam and a visit with my family Dr which will probably mean back to my Rheumatologist.

I couldn't wait to get home today and research this disease. I feel better after learning a little more about it. I am however worried about the chest Xray. I have been very short of breath for quite a while now but I was chalking it up to not exactly being in shape ;-) I will go for those test tomorrow if I am not birthing babies!!

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