Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A crooked hem, sew what???

This is my less than 1 hour skirt.
I have had this linen for a while and was going to make capri's out of it but I have decided that I really like skirts. Long skirts that is. I have purchased several more pieces of good linen for several more skirts ;-)
I love me some linen. That is after I came to the understanding that it does not have to stay wrinkle free!!!! It is cool and comfy and looks good too.
As I was pressing the final skirt , I noticed a very crooked place in the hem. Now this skirt was so simple to make, no pattern, just cut it by another long linen skirt and put in an elastic waist. I know a lot of you are probably thinking why waste a perfectly beautiful piece of linen on a skirt with an elastic waist. Well cuz it was what I wanted!! That's why!!! Also the crooked hem makes it an original. Let's see if anyone ever notices it. After all it was soooo easy to make I certainly wasn't going to rip out any hem and redo it either. I am a professional seamstress too. It is amazing that I could make an ostrich feather prom dress and can't sew a straight hem!!!
Now I will have an excuse to wear my lilac Dansko's. I have had them a couple years and only wore them a couple times. I was afraid to wear them to work as a nurse, where I wore most of my 16 pairs, because blood wouldn't be too easy to clean off of this lilac color!! The skirt is actually a dark plum color but my camera is crappy!! I need a new one badly. Oh Honey!!!
I have been a busy little homemaker today. Made a skirt, froze 1/2 bushel beets, birthed 7 baby chicks so far today........yep 7 of em so far and many more peeping thru!! They take a lot longer to hatch out than the guineas did. The guineas just busted right thru a really thick hard shell like it was nothing. I guess I have to be patient. Gotta go finish supper now. I am not going to be passed out from fatigue at 7 PM tonight. I plan to wrap things up early and just leisurely drift thru the evening tonight. I have already feed most of the animals, took a shower, put on my new skirt..teh hee and have to finalize supper and that's it!!!!!
Hope you have all had a wonderful day!!

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