Friday, June 13, 2008

My new thrift store find

My $50 Queen Anne solid oak table. I almost forgot to take the before pics!
After a coat of red mahogany stain and 2 coats of high gloss white paint.
Corner detail after 3rd coat of paint and one coat of polyurethane.
Full view! She is 7 foot long!
Another corner shot! She sure has got some pretty legs!!
I have been LAID UP with my shoulder for almost 2 weeks and I have been doing some real soul searching on many aspects of my life including my home decor. I have decided that the home needed some revamping in a serious kinda way. Since I have this new cleaning routine and know how to go about cleaning in a way that does not consume my every waking minute, maybe I can accomplish this revamping!! Of course the cleaning schedule went out the window for the most part about 4 days ago!!! I will get back on it Monday!!
Yesterday I had to run some errands and decided to stop at the thrift store and see what I couldn't live without and bless my britches look what followed me home!!! Well I wish it would have followed me instead of me having to trek the 30 mile one way trip back in the truck to pick her up (120 miles total). She is worth it though for $50 and some paint.... :) big:)
Of course my shoulder was still hurting and I couldn't lift or do anything else with her other than some left handed sanding until today. I have been working on this almost the whole day!!
We had been wanting a table big enough for the 9 of us to sit at when the girls and their crew are here. We found one at an amish furniture store that was 8' long for $ why do you reckon we didn't get it??? Good things come to those who wait!!!
I got some other "Couldn't live withouts" yesterday a quilt, some shelves and what nots and I'll post pics soon!


Leslie said...

Love it. Can't wait to see it in person. You did a great job on it, looks beautiful:)

Sage said...

You go girl!!!

MORE PICS MORE PICS..your fans are waiting! LOL..GREAT JOB!!!

I'll be checking back often to see the progress!!