Monday, June 30, 2008

Dining Room

A little table that I found last week at a crafty type decor store. The pics are black & white copies of the grandkids.
This white shelf was upstairs in the garage and I don't even remember having it, but it cleaned up nicely don't you think? A couple other odds and ends for a quick look. I am in thrifting mode looking for more pieces to use in my decor.
Still missing one chair, it is primed and awaiting a coat of paint but I keep getting sidetracked!!
I have a lamp that needs a new shade to set on the table in the corner.

The white valances were found at the thrift store for $1 for the pair and really came in handy for this door until I can get some others made!!

One room down and six more to go with the painting of the walls. The other half of this room too is not finished yet. I still have to paint the trim in the dining room too but it's not to noticeable in the pics.

Off to bed to rest my weary body cause it's the same thing awaiting me tomorrow!!

Goodnight my friends!!

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