Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Goldie

Today is my Grandma Goldies birthday. She was my favorite person in the world!! She had an unconditional love for me that was unsurpassed. I could do no wrong in that woman's eyes as far as I ever knew of. Not counting the time I told her NO when she asked me to pick up my toys before we came to the kitchen for lunch and I got a whipping that I will never forget and learned how to give her the respect that she deserved. I never said NO to her again.

I miss her so much. She passed away in 1985 from complications of diabetes. she had suffered for years but always had a smile on her face and a huge hug for me.

I love you Grandma Goldie!

I feel she has been watching over me and she dropped me a couple of reminders yesterday. I was cleaning out a draw of mostly junk and in the bottom was this 8 X10 picture of her and then last night the girls and I had my bible out looking up a verse and out fell this same picture in wallet size into Robin's hand. I had this pleasant feeling wash over me and I had to look at the calender and see that today was her birthday!!!

Now these lower pics are Morgan my 13 year old grandaughter (yes only 13). Her cousin Hannah took these and I can say she is going to make it big as a photographer one day.

Morgan is such a beautiful girl right on the edge of becoming a woman and I just hope she makes the right choices as she grows up and learns real good lessons from the wrong ones.

Grandma Goldie would surely be proud of my crew now. I just wish she was here to spread her joy in their lives too.

Morgan, I love you!!

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