Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ah Sweet Summertime!!

Today is just one of those days where it feels like you are spinning your wheels and not getting any where. I have been down with my shoulder all week long and it is finally about 90% now but I can't seem to be able to muster up the energy/ambition to get anything accomplished.

I think it is Spring Fever! Yes spring was not here this year, went from coooold last week to HOT this week. Too hot to stick your head out of the air conditioned house. Thank you Lord for providing us central air conditioning. A 30 something degree jump in the temp in one week makes it hard to cope. My dearest hardworking husband is out in the woods on his dozer and it is to be 100 today. I sure feel sorry for him, but he wouldn't have it any other way. I would definately be on the lake if I had my choice!

My cleaning schedule was really put to the test this week with the bum shoulder. I had the house in such good shape last week (hence the bum shoulder??) that it followed thru to this week with only a little fluffing needed. I should be utilizing my time today fluffing a bit more, but it will be fine until Monday when I hope to get back on track!!

I hope all of you are having a great time doing those summertime fun things today. I would love to be sitting by a creek with my feet dangling in the water, in the shade of course, with a good book. Or maybe writing my own book on the creek bank.

One of my most pleasurable memories of my childhood took place on a hot summer day like today. My cousins Bucky, Ivey and Gerilyn had come for a visit and my brother and I and the 3 of them played along the moss covered stream that ran thru our property at the old Mills family homeplace (where my father grew up) and we were living in at the time. We built a treehouse in the woods and played in the creek. I will never forget that soothing feeling of the cool water on hot tired feet and the soft moss covered rocks were like velvet. Ah those were the days!!!

Another childhood memory that I have been thinking about has surfaced recently and I feel the need to share this experience with my grandchildren. My father used to take his car or truck down to the creek to wash it on a sunny hot afternoon. There was a little dirt road that went down to a farm that was not traveled often that had a nice size creek running across the road not far from home that we used. The creek width was the same length as the car or truck so we just pulled in it and stopped. The creek was also deep enough that we could easily dip a bucket in it and wet the vehicle down, scrub it with the soap that Mom brought with us and then dip the bucket in again to rinse the car. Of course I was usually playing in the water while my parents did all the work!!! We could have used a waterhose at home but what a cherised memory I would have missed out on. Everytime we drive thru a creek I still think about that.

My husband works for a gentleman who owns a big farm near here that has a road going through a nice size creek that I plan to take my grandkids and my pick-up truck to soon. I think they will love it. I am sure they will be all about playing in the water just as I was but when they get to be my age maybe they will remember as I do what fun they had.

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