Monday, June 2, 2008

The Garden is almost in!!

Well we have really gottten off to a slow start on the garden because of the cold weather. It has finally warmed up here with a bang. We have been putting almost the last of the garden in tonight. Tomatoes, peppers, beets, swiss chard, black pole beans, pole limas, green pole beans, and radishes and lettuce. It may be too late for the radishes and lettuce but we'll see.

I planted 21 squash (transplants that is) last week and aparently they were too tender and all but 3 of them died. We have replanted squash seeds today and some last week. We have potatoes up and looking good. Corn is coming up. I have planted 2 rows of green peas, a row of October beans and a row of Calypso beans all last week. The cukes are coming up good too. Maybe it will work out now. The first year in this house we didn't plant until June the 10th and had the best garden EVER. We even planted potatoes at that time.

Tomorrow I plan to finish planting the tomatoes and peppers, amish pie squash and pumpkins.
I also have some good fertilized hay from the goats that I mucked out of the barn today to put around the tomatoes tomorrow. We are trying to be as organic as possible.

I have something going wrong with my shoulder. Probably my arthritis flaring up with a vengence. I mowed the yard today with the riding mower and it hurt then with the many sharp turns I have to do. Then I pushed a lot of trim and the self propelled mower really drags me around and then if that wasn't enough to put me out of comission, I had to weed eat. It didn't take much weedeating to finish me off. Dh had to finish dinner while I laid on the sofa with a heating pad on my shoulder. I can't do anything with it. I hope with rest and plenty of Ibuprophen it will be better tomorrow. The trim work on the yard will not be finished by me this week even if it is better. I will plant the rest of the garden though.

I hope all of your gardens are doing great this year!

Off to bed now to rest the tired body and sore shoulder for another busy day as a homemaker!!

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Sage said...

Girl, you are going to have so much produce!! Do you put it up each year or sell it at a stand or what?? Egads..If you 'put it up' your kitchen is going to be a busy one very very soon! GOOD LUCK on the garden!