Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vintage linen curtains

I took one table runner/dresser scarf and cut it in half for the lower tiers. Those are my blueberry bushes that are peeping up in front of the barn.
Itty bitty blue hen on her nest!!
I draped one square tablecloth and 2 napkins over the top rod.
I also found this 1/2 pint milk bottle with the lid for $2.50 and the hobnail milk glass bowl for $2. Of course these all came from my favorite antique store!! The pictures aren't the best cause the afternoon sun was pouring in the window and it cast a shadow either way I went but I think you can get the jist. I even cleaned the window today!!!
I still have some more painting to do, like the last coat of paint on the last chair but I kinda got sidetracked this morning while cleaning my house. I HAD to clean this window and my "Flight of Ideas" kicked into high gear and the rest is history!!


Nancy Jo said...

The window looks really pretty and how clever you are!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Thank you Nancy Jo!! I am glad you stopped by!!