Sunday, November 29, 2009

I am sooooooo tired of leftovers!!!!

We had a very good Thanksgiving this year with all the family here. We celebrated on Fri evening after the girls and their broods had already made their way to all the other houses and mine last....whine whine whine......that's OK because when they get here they don't leave and my meal is always the most memorable one for them ;-)

BUT.......... by the time they get here they are turkey'd out. I have not had any turkey so of course that's what I make here too. This year Robin came to the rescue by bringing the absolute best honey glazed spiral ham anyone could even dream of!!!! It came from a ham store in Atlanta and I will have to get the name of it from her, I just know it was by far the hit of the meal and leftovers for 3 days now!!! I thought Colton would eat enough of it to blow him up!!! He found a four leaf clover yesterday and Robin told him to make a wish and he said....."I wish for some more of your ham.".....LOL!!!!! Thanks for the ham Robin!!!!!

The house was really busy since Thursday with kids and grandkids here each night and they all left this morning...whew it was quiet then!!!!!!!! We didn't know how to act!! We went down to The Fairy's Rest and worked on the front deck....well he did and I piddled with a lot of decorating inside. Then his brother and sister-in-law came there for a visit. That was nice!! While they were there a next door neighbor came down and invited us all down for coffee before we made our way back home. Bil and sil didn't take him up on it but we did. We went over for coffee and the very best sweet potato pie I have ever tasted. Looked like a picture from the cover of Southern Living Magazine. OMG!!!!! Get this....he made it himself crust and all!!! He has a vacation/hunting cabin beside of ours. He lives in Norfolk Va and spends a lot of time up here now that he is retired. He told us that anytime we see his truck there to come on over for coffee and "something sweet".......hey, I like those kinda neighbors!!!!

Speaking of neighbors..........we know more about our neighbors down there than we do here at our permanent home. We have been here for 8 1/2 years and know very few. We started clearing the land there and folks just started dropping in and introducing themselves and telling us about the other neighbors and their kids and such and soon we knew them all. Some of the folks we had to go visit and introduce ourselves but they already knew us by name!!! That is a good thing since we are about 45 minutes away. We know that the place will be looked after when we can't be there!!! This may very well be a good place to retire!!!

So anyway I have been very busy cooking and eating and eating and eating........and then tonight when we got home I came in and slipped into my PJ"s and was in the back of house. Danny was still outside and it was dark around 6:30 PM on a Sunday evening......then I hear Danny come running thru the house hollering....."Hey Becky where are you? There's a man here that wants to make us a pizza right now. What kind do you want?" .....WHAT??????? Here I am scantily clad and very comfy and there is some strange man in my kitchen wanting to cook me a pizza??????????? Are you kidding? I could hear this guy talking like he and Danny were friends for ever and there I was in the bathroom with very little clothes on and this strange man was in my kitchen which is between the bathroom and my bedroom where my real clothes were......I said " Honey I am in my PJ's".....he said "Peter just turn your head so she can go and get some clothes on." nonchalant just like we always had someone show up on a Sunday evening to make us a pizza for supper that we didn't even know!!!!!!!!!!! My husband has flipped his lid now for sure for sure!!!!

I got dressed and came back into the kitchen where "Peter" was preparing to prepare my meal and I gave Danny the look!!!! I think it hadn't hit him as to what this really looked like to me until he got the look. I had a lot of questions as to what was going on!!! I then found out there was another guy in the car.............are you kidding???????? I gave Danny the look and a nod that he understood and he went outside quickly to check on the where abouts of the other guy and found him asleep in the car!!! Turns out they are selling Townecraft Cookware!!! Kinda freaky way to show up but the best pizza in 11 minutes that I have ever had....not sure if it was because I am soooooo sick of leftovers or if it was the pan but boy oh boy was it good......Peter is making Fried Chicken and the fixin's for Danny and I on Friday evening!!!!!!!! I'll try to be dressed when he shows up ;-)

Please pray for my son-in-laws family. His grandmother suffered a severe stroke yesterday and passed away this morning. She was 87. She was able to spend a really nice holiday with all her family on Thursday and she also found out that Eric and Robin are expecting a baby in June and that made her really happy.


~OurCrazyFarm said...

I cried, I laughed, then I pulled on a sweatshirt! What a saga! And is Peter now your new-best-friend??? Making you chicken on Friday???

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Funny! We ate at friend's so the question of leftovers doesn't apply.
Love your new blog look, very festive and cheerful.

Fonville Farm said...

Too funny! I'm sure Peter will still be daddy's best friend when he spats out the price of everything:) I just want all of your caphalon when you get your new stuff, I'll even share it with Leslie:)
It was The Honey Baked Ham Store! There will be another one for Christmas!