Monday, November 9, 2009

What was I thinking?

I was just sitting here in my good ole comfy office chair this morning pondering. Pondering all sorts of things such's going to be another gorgeous warm fall day today and what is the most pressing thing or things that I need to get done while it is so nice out as the rain is to come tomorrow, a mountain of laundry, a somewhat small mountain of dishes, floors to be vacuumed......etc etc etc......

Then in my ADD infested mind I started pondering over my blog.......long story short I ended up at my first post and then started reading thru in chronological order but I stopped at this post on December 31, 2007 and laughed til I almost peed my pants. You see it was the last post of the year and I had some high hopes for the future year coming up! Boy did I think that lightening was going to hit me and cause some sort of electrical friction that was going to change around my brainwaves or I was going to drink some power drink that was going to change my chemical balance or should I say imbalance and turn me around into a totally different human being from what I am?

I mean I had some wild and crazy ideas for my new year that was approaching. I was acting as if it was somehow going to be different from all my previous years. Just go on over and read it and rest assured that you are reading a bunch of craziness that came from some outer body experience that I had that day. I mean why would I say things like that because it was already 12/31 and I posted on 11/7 that I was making socks for everyone for Christmas that year and they have yet to get socks. I have one sock from several different pair finished.........ADD you think? I just haven't had time....only 2 years.....they all have really big feet!!! Good thing Robin moved south or her toes would be getting cold awaiting socks from me!!!

I am trying to do better but it is a disease.....a really bad one......I need help! Please! I have finished a couple of old projects this year so maybe I will finish the other sock for everyone to have socks this year for Christmas!!

Robin called today and we had a good laugh together about how I never change and only make resolutions that can never be kept because I am just me. I can't be changed trust me I have tried!!

Do you guys ever look back at your older posts and wonder what you were thinking that day, or do all your wishes or intentions or resolutions come to fruition?

ps. I forgot to mention that among the many many things that I mentioned that would be done in 2008....about Leslie and my sil getting new sewing machines that year and Leslie being bitten by the sewing bug. Well we were just at a party at Leslie's house Friday evening and my sil was there and they discussed their sewing machines were not being used at all and that they were saving them for the next generation!!!!! See it's not just me is it?


~OurCrazyFarm said...

You're a dreamer, a deep thinker, an optimist, somebody (obviously) with lots and lots of great ideas! You can't help it if you like to ponder lots of new, exciting projects and how happy they would make everybody; somebody has to be the one to think about all these things:)) I know from experience. Now, just to get our husbands to see the greatness of all our fantastic lists so they can do the heavy, technical work. What's wrong with dreaming about a cabin in the woods... with a fire place, and a cozy front porch, and an ice-skating pond, and....

Amanda said...

Don't feel bad. I have tons of unfinished projects. I had been thinking about making a post with pictures of all my 1/2 finished stuff. I get excited, work on it til I'm sick of it then get excited about something else. It's a viscious cycle. (Viscious probably isn't spelled right).

Lorilee said...

I thought everybody had unfinished projects tucked into closets, under beds, and in tote bags (which is the reason one can never have enough tote bags!)