Monday, November 2, 2009

Somebody please stop me!!!!

I am addicted to sewing machines!
I can't help myself.
I know it's a serious problem.
Someone has to stop me before my kids starve or go without shoes or I go without more fabric.
Yes my friends, I had to buy another one today.......but it was on sale honey!!

I told you a couple posts back about my Kenmore machine that I got off of ebay for $76. It is such a great machine but lacked a couple features that I felt I needed to be able to machine quilt properly. So I found this baby on sale at and droooooooled all weekend over it. I pined and pined for it. Remembered today that I had a huge coffee can full of change that I rolled a while back and what do you was enough to get this baby. I found out online that my local Sears had this one in stock and when I went this morning to pick it up it was on sale even cheaper than it had been over the weekend!

See it was meant to be, right?

This machine has the turtle/rabbit speed control and the needle up/down feature that I just knew would make my life as a quilter much better. I was right! I quilted this Wonky Block quilt shown above tonight and totally enjoyed myself. I slowed the speed down to almost a crawl and kept my foot on the gas all the way and it was so evenly fed thru the machine. I was not exhausted after a couple rounds either. Boy the needle down is a life saver too. On top of that this machine has a few more decorative stitches than the other one does.

I have to have all of these machines because they all do a variety of jobs or I bought them to do a variety of jobs with ;o)

I have this Handi Quilter frame, that my dear spouse got me for my birthday a couple years ago and I have never even set it up because I was wanting to have a machine to leave set-up in it for a big quilt project. Since I can't afford a longarm quilting machine for it I will have to use my other Kenmore in it. That is when I get a big quilt finished!

I told you about my Bernina being a moody ole female dog most of the time while trying to just sew anything and about her not quilting at all. Saturday I went in to a local quilt store that sells Berninas and questioned them about what was happening and explained what I have tried to remedy the problem and do you know what the owner of the store had to say to me.................

"Just use your Kenmore to quilt with."

hence the new Kenmore today!


Diana said...

Just hopped over for a visit. Enjoyed it!!!

Love your work. Hey, what's a moda charm quilt? My email is on my site.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Dang, woman. I'll have to follow your around next time you go shopping. Nice buy!