Monday, November 23, 2009

Terri this ones for you and the boys!

Smokey and his story below
Colton and Little Anne! These were taken last year but I wasn't sure if anyone else would like to look at pictures of a bunch of dead coons and gorgeous little boys with coon hounds. Terri, I think you would understand. They way your crowd hunts!!!!!

Little Anne started out as Colton's when she was a pup and he wasn't quite ready for her so Papa Danny got her back. He trained her and she turned into a really good dog, at least that's what they tell me. All I hear is her barking during the night when she is not hunting and she sleeps all day!!!! They say it's a beautiful mouth...huh???? Anything that keeps me awake is not beautiful!!!

Colton has grown up enough to try his luck at raising his own coon dog again and he now has Smokey, who is a younger brother of Little Anne's.....he is here right now and yes he barks by night and sleeps all day too.....Thank You Lord for providing me with a loud fan to sleep beside!!!

Ok blogger is doing funny things this morning. I remembered later that I had a picture of Smokey and I added in last. He is in the top picture. This last picture is of Papa Danny with all the coon hides that they caught last year with Little Anne. They sell them at a local trapping supply place and Colton and Morgan get to split the money out of them. Morgan will be 15 next month and has coonhunted since she was old enough to walk in the woods. She also squirrel hunts by herself and goes fishing all by herself. She didn't get that from her mother or from me. I was a tomboy, guess I still am but I was never bitten with the hunting bug. Maybe for a little while when I was a child my whole family would go coonhunting and my mom got tired of it quickly so I couldn't go anymore. Danny tries to get me to go with them. If I go I will have to have a really pretty black and tan coon dog....the best one around too....and all the girly pink mossy oak camo attire and the pink camo shotgun case that I saw Saturday and one of those pink stickers to go in my truck window of dogs treeing a coon that says "Girls hunt too"..........I think by the time he buys me all of that he will be ready to retire his dog and give up hunting, don't you?

Maybe I'll just put that sticker in his truck window! What do you think his friends would say then??


Nancy M. said...

I would love all the pink camo gear too! My son has a dog named Little Ann too, he used to have Old Dan but gave him away.

~OurCrazyFarm said...

I am tickled pink camo! A post in my honor:)) The boys loved the pictures! Now they really have coon fever! Aaahhh, yes, the barking, and the cat chasing... I am told that's what they are supposed to do, it means they are good coon dogs:) I prefer to stay home and snuggle up on the couch with a movie and let the boys go out hunting. I don't get the whole point of wandering around in the dark woods with a gun chasing a barking dog:)) Bow-wow!

Anonymous said...

What a day for memories...TrapperDude use to coon hunt when I met him (wheels were square back then!). Jim and Georgie were the names of his two black and tans and he and his buddies use to hunt the creek area that is now surrounded by homes! It's been a long time since I've seen furs stretched out. I think the last time we were at the fur slae was back in, oh, 1980-81 and I think I have an old pic of him in the photo album with a batch of fur we took to auction. I remember him getting quite a nice check for the pelts (we don't get real cold weather here so fur doesnt get real nice at our elevation)...after that he went to doing that sorta work in an 'official capacity' and selling the furs is frowned upon! Oh, well, can't have everything! Glad to hear the kids still get to have a blast coon huntin'!
LOL...I made a funny and I wasn't even tryin'...oh, I am SO tired!!!