Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's been a crafty weekend.......

It was a rainy and nasty weekend around this place. My husband and I resorted to crafting.........well I was happy with that! Yesterday I worked on a quilt that I am piecing and pieced a table runner to match my Christmas Tree skirt. Today I made this ensemble, bag, make-up/ medicine bag and check book cover.

This picture was prior to the bag having handles. I couldn't decide which handles it needed. I had several ideas but I have been wanting a sort of clutch tote so I opted for these welted ones. I used to work in a sewing factory many moons ago and one of my jobs was to do a welt pocket on cordurory blazer jackets. I could do welt pockets in my sleep for years. Just not today........well they aren't exactly a pocket ;-} The bag is also reversible so I had to get a little creative to get them to work.

This picture shows the colors of the fabric a little bit is actually red instead of fushia like my camera wanted it to be.

I think I like it!

The fabric was really cheap too. It was Heide Grace fabric from Joanne fabrics on sale for $1.50 a yard. I may have $3 in the set.

The best part is a secret...... my hubby had the idea for the bottom of the bag.......the stabilizer. If you need to know just email me and I will tell you. It is a great idea that I will have to use in the future if I sell any of these bags. I think you will be surprised!!!

Now his crafts......

Remember the chicken coop make-over? OK the rollaway nest boxes that we designed and made were built in hopes that they would work. My hens were eating there eggs and thats why we built them. The eggs rolled away like we planned but it seems that I have some very longnecked birds. They were still able to get to the eggs on occasion. I found egg yolk dripping from the front of the box a couple times and one day I found an empty shell. Either my hen laid a pseudoegg or someone ate it!!

BUT THE WORST PART.........the hens decided they loved to roost on those new boxes and chickens must poop all night. Most of the time there would be four big hens in the 2 boxes! Remember how pretty and white they were? Not any more. I knew that they would get dirty soon but not immediately. It was a mess.

So back to the drawing board......he is determined to get these rollaway nest boxes perfected. He has now built a triple highrise condo for my hens!!!! The eggs roll to the out side of the coop this time. The eggs roll farther away this time too. They also have a small perch on the front of each nest to enter the nest but hopefully too little to roost on. Danny couldn't wait to go back to the coop tonight to see if any of them were roosting on them and they weren't........he was so happy his plan worked.

( maybe some pics tomorrow )


Amanda said...

Please share your stabilizer with me. :) Thats a really pretty set. Mom made me a bag a couple years ago and used and really thin piece of wood for the stabilizer, Dad cut it to fit in the bag. It worked good until I put a text book in the bag and it split in half.

I've been wanting to make one of these:

Sage said...

Well..ain't you just ON THE BALL this weekend! You go girl! Cute set! Me..?? Ha..I had a DJ gig on Saturday that was..needless to say doomed from the beginning. SO on Sunday..I let my nerves recoup! Didn't get a thing accomplished (except for gaining my sanity back) this is good enough for me! Can I mail you all my unfinished projects and YOU finish them off for me?