Monday, April 19, 2010

How many kids do you count?

Danny's grandfather used to always say that when you were expecting to get any work out of kids that you had to only have one at a time with you that day. He said that when you had one kid you had a whole kid, 2 kids you had 1/2 a kid and 3 kids you didn't have a kid at all!! So true so true most of the time! However these 2 proved him wrong this weekend. Instead of 2 kids I had 2 workhorse men!! You would never believe how hard they worked at The Fairy's Rest. All they asked for was that if they worked really hard and helped me really good that I would drive them over to the lake so they could skip some stones! And of course a lot to eat!!

They picked up roots. Raked brush. Spread mulch. Cut down trees. Trimmed up all the underbrush from under the trees. Hauled many many many wheelbarrow loads of debris off and never once complained or even asked to sit down!!!! Unbelievable!!! Not from Colton cause that's just his way but the other one....?????? LOL!! Teenager!!

This is why 15 year olds do not have a drivers license!!!
Basket gone but she didn't hurt the Black Eyed Susans!

Danny and I put in the side walk.

He hauled a gazillion dollars worth of gravel!
The grass is coming up too! Woowoo!! More mowing!! Yes!!!

The kids worked so hard and were able to understand exactly what I had envisioned for this area. I just love the outcome too. Maybe even better than what I thought it would be!

I had to feed my feathered friends. Or maybe they are furry friends cause something was having a party with my suet feeder this weekend. It would get the feeder out of the tree and carry it to the top of the woodpile and destruct it there.....???????? Raccoon??? Bear???
I don't think it was a Cardinal!!

Morgan was working like a man!!

Oooops this is a man! An old friend/neighbor boy that we lived beside for 7 years is now married and lives a few miles from The Fairy's Rest and he drove by and spotted us and came in for a visit and somehow Morgan was able to talk him into helping with the spreading of the mulch! I just hope his wife doesn't find out that he knows how to do that!!!

They worked so hard that they got to go to the lake!! Emma was able to join them and she didn't even have to pick up a rake or a root! No Fair????

Morgan took these pictures at the lake and this one just cracked me up!!!!!!!!!! I decided that someone must have yelled that supper was ready and they were scurrying to get home! Papa Danny just pushed Colton out of the way!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!
We had a very good weekend getting a ton of things finished. I transplanted a slew of flowers that I separated from my home garden. I planted Rudebekia Black eyed Susan's around the perimeter of the yard and I am going to plant sunflowers of various sizes behind them so the birds and squirrel will have a fall feast. We planted 3 Pecan Trees in the backyard. A Golden Rain tree in the front yard. These 4 were grown from seed by our neighbor down there. He has quite the green thumb! I planted my Purple Flowering Plum in the backyard as a shade tree.
2 Gardenias and a Snowball Bush(new), Hostas and Jacob's Ladder
and more Rudebekia
from my garden, were planted around the front and in the shade garden under the trees. I have many more plants to separate and get moved down this week. I have another 1/2 a dump truck load of mulch in my driveway to take down tomorrow evening and the other half goes to the green thumb, sweet potato pie making neighbor, Jesse!!!! He takes care of us!!
We are almost thru with all the grunt work!!!!! WOOWOOWOOOOO!!!
Some more painting inside and finish making curtains. Then by the time the grass all comes up we will be ready to advertise for renters!! This has been a long time coming!!


Robert said...

Looking very good!! If you weren't so far away...I would be on the waiting list for a nice quiet weekend away rental. Your grand babies are just too stinkin' cute for their own good!!

Kim said...

O.K, serves me right for playing on my hubbies new laptop while he is at work!!!LOL!! That comment up there is from me!!!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh Robert.....hahahahaha I was wondering about this Robert who thought my grandkids were so cute!!!! hahaha!!!!!

Thanks Kim!!

the canned quilter said...

Grandkids way too cute! I need to borrow Danny and that dump truck of his for a little bit!

Brenda said...

The place is looking great! You had some really good help. They must really love the thought of going to the lake as a reward for all that hard work ... or maybe they just love helping you! They're great kids ... and yes ... very cute!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Thanks ladies! Danny is on his way to the Holler in the dump truck! He thinks you will not work him as hard as I do! Huh?

Yep they are cute and great kids and I am so surprised that I had their attention for longer than 10 minutes!!!! They really got excited about what they were doing too. They both love to garden flowers and veggies! Good genes I guess!! ;-))))

Nancy M. said...

It's looking great! Glad you had some wonderful helpers!

LynnS said...

Becky, you have wonderful grandchildren. Tell those kids that they have "blog fans" now and they might get a reputation for being hard workers!

The lake is very pretty! And everything is coming along. Things are looking so nice and tidy (well, not your Danny's pants, but those are a working man's jeans....).