Monday, April 26, 2010

R.I.P. my little Homelite

Sad and funny story here. My dad gave me this wonderful little tiller 9 years ago when we first bought our home. He had bought it new and only used it a couple times and he said it wasn't stout enough to till his Franklin Co Red Clay! It was however perfect for my Floyd Co brown dirt!! It proved to be my favorite farm/garden tool ever!!!!
It always cranked right up and I could run it for hours. It was small enough to maneuver around all my plants without harming them. It was a powerful little devil!
Then last year it failed to crank.......and then and then and then........................
Danny worked on it for many hours yesterday and it is dead.
I did not want to hear it either.
Of course he said that I could get a job and go buy me a new one.......
remember he said I was going to have to get one when I bought my new goat too.
I told him I would just use a hoe! He laughed! Men!!!!
So anyway after the bad news I pouted and I pouted.......I am a very very good pouter too!
We have one of those great big huge rear tine know the Troy-Bilt that whipped my butt last week. I went and got it out yesterday and hit the worst section of my flower beds that were being taken over by weeds and grass and I tried to make it maneuver around my plants without it sucking the last bit of life out of me. Didn't work. It got the best of me and it put me into a foul mood to put it nicely! Dearest husband was on the sofa watching a movie the whole time. I was pouting pretty hard by now....... he decided to walk out to my garden and ask what I was trying to do. OMG!!!!! I said "I don't even want to talk about it. I am just going to give up gardening and never do anything pertaining to gardening again! No vegetables or flowers!"
So..............he said tell me where to til and I will till this for you. I dug up a lot of my plants that needed to be moved and replanted and pointed out which ones to avoid and he went to town on those weeds!!
He also went to town on my phone wire and of course that was my internet wire too. Chewed it right into!!!!!! No he still hasn't agreed for me to get another small tiller without mentioning a job.....yet! But he does know that I am looking for one. I went to Home Depot today and they have one just like mine on sale!!
However........I am not sure if I had told you guys or not that I had a tire blowout on the interstate when we went to visit Robin in Atlanta 2 weeks ago. So I finally took my car in this morning to have that new tire put on my car and the ugly ole black wheeled spare taken off and tucked safely back in my trunk to have for future use......not that I ever want that to happen again but I do want to be ready..............When I got there I saw my ugly black spare wheel on the opposite side of my car!! What???? After they put my car on the lift they found out the complete inside of my other front tire was nothing but wires showing. You couldn't see this until it was on the lift. OMG!!!!! Another new tire and front end allignment this week. There goes my money that could have went on my new garden tiller!!


Brenda said...

Becky, I'm sorry about the small garden tiller, but very glad they found the bad tire before it blew out on you! That could have been very bad!

Nezzy said...

Sorry for the loss of your dear little garden tiller, I so know how that goes. Farm women wait...and wait. Gotta feed the cattle, gotta fix the tractor, dozer, planter...always something more important. I do hope under your favorite plant is a new little tiller for Mother's Day.

God bless and have a marvelous Monday!!!

the canned quilter said...

I'm thinking a Mother's Day Present there in the making. We had to replace our tires last month same deal. It didn't blow out just shimmied and shook. All that Ice and snow and running on gravel roads is really hard on them I think.

LynnS said...

That little tiller sure is cute. Maybe I might like one of those. All I have is a shove, rake, and hoe. Oh, and hand trowels. My Mister has a big ole TroyBilt I can't steer, much less start. I wouldn't let him near any of the flower gardens. Not for any reason! lol