Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Stop It I Said!"

My Body says "stop" and my mind says "go" and "go" and "keep on going"
........... til I fall dead in my tracks. Cause honey the mind don't listen to the feedback from the body. It truly thinks that I am 20 years old again. That I can mow, weed, transplant, plant, rake, mulch, clean, do laundry and any thing else that this crazy "Young" mind of mine tells this "Old" body to do.
After the big tiller and lots of wear and tear on my body.
Not hardly a weed insight!!
Ready for a pile of mulch now.
Can any of you young folks out there come help me put out that mulch?
I don't think I have it in me.

I have to take a lot of pictures of my garden as inspiration.
Sometimes I just sit and look at my pictures over and when there is about 30" of snow on the ground.......and I get new ideas of what I want to add or change, what's working and what's not.

I see a few weeds here, I better get out there and get them!!

My Bleeding Heart!

Frankie is my supervisor!

I did all this work today against my bodies will..........I have yet another cold.
I have zero energy! Zero energy all day long.
You wonder how I did it?
I was working so hard because of the beautiful weather.
It was a perfect Spring day.
I had only planned to get the yard trim work........after mowing it with the riding mower it looked so good that I had to trim up with the push mower. Then I just had to spray some weed killer in my areas where I do not want anything growing. I do this very sporadic throughout the season cause I DON'T DO WEEDEATING!!!! Unless I really really have to.
Then before you knew it I was doing all those other things that I listed above.
OMG!!! The energy was soon in the negative zone.
I called my wonderful understanding husband.....who I knew would be so proud of me as soon as he rounded the curve near the house.........and I asked him what he wanted to bring home for supper...hehehe......he had already been thinking about Aly's Italian...woowoooooo........Calzones for supper!!!!!!!
Since the body was slap wore out I decided to hurry and get the rest of my plants in the ground and place some hay mulch around them, get the laundry in and fold it and put it away and then NO MORE!!!! I SAID YET AGAIN!!!!
Showered ate supper and had all intentions of sitting on my glider on my front porch and watch the hummingbirds ............................but I better just wash a load of my shampoo capes....cause you know someone might be able to talk me out of a haircut sometime soon.......I went to grab the capes out of the salon and I noticed that one of my Nubians may be "in season" hehehe
So back in to get out of my flip flops, don my barn boots and go take her to her boyfriend.......then I ended up in the hay barn gathering up all the loose baler twine off of the floor and straightening up in there........then into the hottub room to straighten up in there and treat the hottub................then suddenly I find myself spray painting some wrought iron hanging flower baskets. WHAT???????
What is wrong with me? Do I seriously have a mental/medical condition?
Yep it's called Spring Fever!!!!!
I had to make myself crawl back in the house while there was still about a great hour of daylight with beautiful perfect weather out there and I could have done sooooo much mind said!!
Now get this........when Danny came in .................
me: "Can you tell anything I did around here today?"
Danny: "Yeah, you mowed the yard."
I didn't even bother...........................


Leslie said...

And I was proud that I got my yard mowed today! Men never notice! Maybe some of your grandpunks will come help with the mulch pile, mine are available tomorrow evening.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Oh that poor Danny! Will he never learn????

Beautiful gardens! They belong on a magazine cover!

What????? I thought all those goats were expecting already;)))))

the canned quilter said...

Remember not long ago when we were knee deep in snow and whining for spring. It's back!!! I'm with you....I mowed and weeded today also and am so sore I can hardly walk. Tomorrow they are forecasting rain. I am so happy I could cry : )

Brenda said...

Wow! I thought I got a lot accomplished today. But, just reading about your day makes me tired. I don't know where you find all that energy. You must have a reserve of it somewhere.

Your gardens are BEAUTIFUL!! Be sure to take time to enjoy them. :D

Amy said...

WOW girl.. Were you able to get out of bed this morning? Great work.. you yard looks lovely!

Sandra said...

And that's wen the fight began...


You should be cloned! Due to various health "problems", all I've been doing lately is much of nothing and have found out I'm rather good at it.

LynnS said...

Becky you wear me out just reading....

Lovely gardens and thank you for all the beautiful photos! I didn't realize your pond was close to your plum tree til today!

Mel said...

That's what happens after a long cold winter...

Your work has paid off, your gardens are inviting.

Things... have a way of catching up a few days after the fact, hope you're re~cooping.

Thyme for that cold glass of lemonade... and yes, relaxation.....

Manuela@TPOH said...

LOL! That happens to me to! I think I'm just going to go out an weed a little the next thing I know I'm trenching edges, moving shrubs etc!

Your gardens look great so it was all worth it!