Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My newest garden project in the works!!

this is my favorite picture

I am gardening full swing here on the farm and at our vacation spot both.
I really need to have Danny cloned, several times over actually. His boss has wanted to have him cloned for many years too. I need one or two of him making money to support my habits and at least two of him to help with the mans work around the farm!!!!

Above are many pictures of my Purple Flowering Plum tree that has been here for maybe 7 years. I just love it year round. This is the best year for the blooms that I have seen yet, of course the bigger the tree the more impact it has. I love it so much that it was an obvious choice in my book to put in the yard at the vacation rental. I wanted a great year round maintenance free tree. I bought one of these and took it down there this weekend. When I was telling Danny about which tree I had decided on he said.....
"Don't tell me you are like all those other dummies around here who have all those beautiful flowering, weeping peach and cherry trees that do not bear fruit! Why would you want a tree that is not going to have any fruit on it?"
Well...................where do I begin here?.............he has always told me when I asked for "fruit bearing" trees that it was way too expensive to buy the sprays and such to keep them maintained and would shoot me down every time I mentioned it. He had mentioned last year that he would really love a standard size cherry tree but other than that it was a no go.
Not any more!!!! I have now "let him talk me into fruit trees" hahahahaha it's his idea now and you all know it is much better when it is the mans idea!! Right girls??
So my new gardening project is fruit trees all over the place....both places. The best though is that I am going to espalier trees around my front perennial garden and above my vegetable garden. I have always just drooled over an espaliered fence of fruit trees in magazines. I have now found many many many of them on youtube also. More eye candy for my soul!!!!!!
Please go check this one out on youtube!! I think you will then understand where I am coming from!!!
I have also found many great websites about Organic Home Orcharding!!
By the way, the pictures above were not edited!!!!!!!!!!
Gotta go mow the lawn now!


Spring Lake Farm said...

That is one of my next projects. I have been reading about espaliers and hope to get some trees planted this spring. Good luck. I can't wait to see more pictures!


Amy said...

We have the same tree in our yard, but it's still a baby. I have the blossoms in my header. Your tree is gorgeous!

LynnS said...

I had one, the ornamental plum like yours -- it's not supposed to fruit. Well, there was so much fruit, I'd make lots of plum jam. Last 2 years we battled with a fungus that the tree had gotten (it was about 18 yrs old) and finally gave up because we won't use chemicals. That fungus can spread to cherry trees and we have 6 of those, so it was time to let it go. It was cut down a month ago. Seeing yours makes me really miss my own. It bloomed about a week before our cherries did and smelled heavenly!

Yours is so pretty. Glad to hear your plans are to grow many fruit trees. Of course, I know that man living under the same roof is rolling his eyes, but oh well....Like you said, his idea!

Nezzy said...

My red bud and Bradford Pear are bloomin'...sorry no fruit. I have a dump truck load of mulch comin' in this week to mulch all my flower gardens. Yep....spring is finally here. WooHoo!!!

God bless and have a terrific Tuesday!!!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Mow the lawn! Are you rubbing it in??? Gorgeous pictures, again! We started our fruit trees over the last couple of years and I can't wait to start seeing the results. Now how can you convince him that you really do need a long arm sewing machine?? And that it was really his idea, too??

Brenda said...

Very pretty! The photos gives my heart a lift ... thank you!

I planted a small orchard the fall I moved to this farm .. a year and a half a go. The peach trees are blooming !!! Yea! I'm so excited to have my own fresh peaches again!

Nancy M. said...

Those are gorgeous!

Amanda said...

Don't you love spring? I've been admiring cherry and apple blossoms over my way. Hope your all doing okay. Still praying for your family.