Friday, September 10, 2010


I have had my wings clipped yet again it seems. I had my pre-employment visit at the hospital on Wednesday and I was to print off a slew of paperwork to take in with me. I have this new computer and it has Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8. I was on the computer and the phone talking to anyone who was anyone with the entire IT system for at least 8 hrs on Tuesday before they finally decided that we are not compatible!! I became very very familiar with my computer that day. I now know how to disable a firewall among many many other things!

However I changed around so many settings such as the one to "erase your history" and it did just that. It erased my search history and continues to erase my search history. Also it has decided that I do not need to leave comments on peoples blogs any longer!! I was able to leave a comment on one blog this triples, when I went to delete 2 of them it deleted all of them. I really screwed something up!! I have got to take time to re-change some of these settings that I changed, if I can remember all of them. so my blog friends will still like me!!

Guess I shouldn't be on here anyway. I have WAY too much to do. I have to go into town to the bank to take the deposit that my dearest husband did not take and drop off as he drove by. Said he forgot it! Huh? 30 miles away, I might add. Then I have to clean up the yard in front of the hair studio because I have hair clients coming tomorrow morning. Then sometime in these 2 days I have to get The Fairy's Rest fluffed up and ready for guests that are coming for the birthday party on Sunday. Then I get to start work on Monday!! Yipee Yay!! Do you think I will get all this done? Oh yeah and I have tomatoes to can in my free time too!

I finally told Danny about the new sewing machine and he didn't jump for joy and turn sommersaults but he didn't chop my head off either. I think he was thinking that is was funny that I wanted so much but didn't want to work a public job, but that I had to now!! I know how he thinks!! Scary!!

I'll be back soon!


the canned quilter said...

Lots to do in two days! Glad to know that Danny didn't lop off your head for buying the new machine ( :

Farm Chick Paula said...

Miss Rebecca, I know your hubby would never get that mad at you!! *LOL*
Sorry about your computer woes... don't they drive us nuts sometimes?