Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's on the truck......

and it's somewhere in my county as we speak!
I can't hardly stand myself today!
I am just giddy in anticipation of hearing that big brown delivery truck whirling down my dirt road today. I will be out that door in a flash, choking down the ever widening cloud of dust that he stirs up when he races to my house to deliver my treasures!
Is it wrong to be in love with your UPS driver?
I don't even know his name but he sure does bring me nice gifts sometimes!!
I made it thru my first day of work, well orientation that is.
Other than getting lost it wasn't too bad.
I was on the schedule to be in the office today and a computer class the rest of this week.....5 days and I am only part time? So my manager called me last night and asked if I would just wait until tomorrow and come to class.....fine by me...I knew my Juki would be here today!!
In a few minutes UPS called to confirm that it would be here between the hours of 8AM and 7PM, and that someone had to be here to sign for it!
Good thing my manager knew that I needed to have the day off!
8AM til 7PM???? What sort of time frame is that?
Enough to drive me even crazier!
I won't be able to get a thing done while I am waiting to hear Frankie barking and that big ole motor hum..........
I guess I will just go upstairs and make another table runner to practice quilting on it!
I made a really cute one Saturday that I will share soon.

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Mom of 3 Girleighs said...

congrats on your new machine!!!! ***JEALOUS***