Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Moda Lumiere de Noel by French General Table Runner

Now that was a mouthful and don't make me type that name out again!
I do love me some French General fabrics though! If I were rich
I would buy them, every thing they design and manufacture!
They are my Anthropology!
I made this runner Saturday from a pattern that Robin gave me for table runners to be made out of charm packs. It's called Triangulations.
It was very easy to make and I thought the above said fabric was going to be just perfect for this pattern but I wish I had used fabric with more distinct darks and lights.
I think the design would have been more prominent.
It's still just perfect for me and my dining room table!
Of course it was quilted on this!!
Yep, it came at 6:15 or so yesterday. I thought I would have a stroke waiting on that brown truck too. I got her in and all put together, played/fingered with/drooled over the accessories and then went to wind the first bobbin......OMG this machine is soooooo fast! I about fell out of my chair, scared me to death! Have you guys ever worked in a sewing factory? Well I have and those industrial machines are so fast that it takes a lot of getting used to. I was afraid that this was going to be way tooooooooo much power for me!
However when I finished the bobbin and got my sleeves rolled up and my courage built up, I stuck my tongue out the side of my mouth for concentration, I kept my hands way away from that needle and began to push down ever so slightly on the foot controller and she started off nice and slow! Whew!!! I can control the power of this machine with my foot after all!
It is a dream to sew on! Sews beautifully! I can't even describe the difference between this one and my other machines for quilting. Of course it only has a straight stitch but I have the other machines for the decorative stitches. This baby will be my Quilting Princess!
Now I have to practice keeping my foot off the thread cutter button on the foot controller!
I hit it a couple times and cut my thread when I wasn't ready to stop, while quilting the table runner. That'll come with time! That's one feature that I loved about industrial sewing machines.

See "Becky leves here Juki!"
I am not very good at free hand cursive yet!!
I am out the door again today in class but when I get back I will try to post the pictures from the professional photographer who stayed at The Fairy's Rest over the weekend!
They are awesome and made me cry when I saw them.
She posted them on Facebook yesterday and they were quite the hit!!
In about a 3 hour period I had almost 400 hits on my website!!


Mom of 3 Girleighs said...

Love the table runner!!! Awesome job.
Happy you love your new machine! --
Not changing the subject (yet, I kinda am)- is that a hoosier cabinet behind your table in the background?? I have been on the look out for years for the perfect one! 2 weeks ago I found my dream hoosier at a flea market. I went back 1 week later and someone had bought it. I was in tears! Maybe you can snap a pic of your cabinet.. I would love to see it! Have a super day!

the canned quilter said...

So happy it finally got there! Now see if that was me the first thing I would do is sew my finger. Great runner ( :

The Apple Pie Gal said...

The table runner is awesome! And what a great project for your trial run on the Juki!

I am sure there will be lots of time to practice the cursive on that baby!

mamabug said...

Love the table runner; it's very pretty. I bet you can't sleep at night thinking about all the wonderful projects you want to do!
Hope you enjoy your new toy and hope we get to see more of your projects.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Beautiful! What a great pattern! I was thinking about you all day wondering if that new machine made it yet~ yippee!! Yes, please show us the cabinet!

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Oh it turned out beautiful!! Love the patterns and colors.

LynnS said...

Well well, look at you!!! It was a few days before I had the nerve to fire up my Gammill at first.

Very nice runner Becky! You really did a great job.

Smiles for your new sewing-toy too. Since you haven't posted a blog entry for a few days I wonder if you're busy making a quilt for every room this weekend or if Danny put you in a big weekend time-out!?

Amanda said...

That's a pretty table runner!

Sandra said...

Like you, I love French General and the runner is a job well done.