Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Fairy's Rest is hopping!



Colton and Emma

Morgan...(I plan to do this one in charcoal)

Just when I get ready to go to work The Fairy's Rest gets to rolling too!! That's a good thing though! We were able to go down ourselves for a 24 hr jaunt on Sunday evening. We had a great time too! We had a nice weinie roast using the tractor wheel as a fire ring....nice touch Danny! Our neighbor, Jesse, came over and we had a really nice cool evening under the stars. The weather has cooled down and could not have been any prettier this weekend!!
We have such beautiful Autumns here in SW Virginia and I am ready for the leaves to change colors. I can't really believe that I am feeling that way so soon. I think it was the super hot summer that we have had!!
We had such a peaceful laid back time on Sunday evening with Jesse, slept very well in the cool crispness of the night....as guests....that was way cool!! Til the smoke alarm went off at 4:30 AM for NO reason and scared the beegeesies out of me. lololol Not too funny when you remember that the last thing you did outside was have a FIRE, even though it was watered down with the water hose! We had no work there to do, no painting to be done, no cleaning, we did mow but oh well we won't dwell on that one, no decorating, no gravels to haul, no decks to build, etc etc.......we were REAL guests!!
I tried to go in with the mind set that it belonged to someone else....you know as if we were paying guests so I could hunt for things that could be wrong and let the owners know about them. I searched and searched for problems and the only things I could find were there is a picture that needs to be moved about 1" in the living room and there is not enough time in my life set aside to stay there more often!!!!!!
We both really needed this R&R and the time to fall back in love with the place.
It worked. We both were so happy!!
Of course this trip was topped off with a great picnic lunch on the outdoor picnic table with Leslie and her family and Morgan.
No pictures....way too laid back to think about getting the camera out.......
We then hooked to the boat and went to the lake for one last excursion before the cool temps.
The water was barely warm enough to swim but we did.
Sad that summer went by so fast, but looking forward to a great autumn!
We have some great weekend guests coming to The Fairy's Rest this weekend too.
She is a friend of mine.....Chelsa is a friend of everyones actually....one of those young, beautiful, super contagious people who everyone wants to be around!!
She is also a professional photographer!! woot woot!!
Look out folks, there will be lots of really cool photos of the place coming soon!!
She joined The Fairy's Rest on Facebook, before she even knew it was my place, and asked if she could rent the place for a weekend as a birthday surprise for her Mother!!
She said her parents have always loved Fairystone Park!
She had the sweetest comments on the place too!
I feel so honored to have her and her family as my guests!!
Chelsa has a blog and you can see some of her work here.
She is a very very busy lady and with all the weddings and senior portraits she doesn't have time to update her blog very often. You can always join her page on Facebook and see her work too. Chelsa Yoder Photography on Facebook.
(I hope that link works for you.)
She is just as excited to have the time to get away with her family as I am that she is coming!
I can not wait to see how she captures the place on film!!!
I sure hope they all enjoy their stay as much as we did!
That's a great birthday present for her Mother, don't you think?
She's a good kid!!


Brenda said...

It sure sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend. The photo of Morgan is beautiful. A charcoal of it will be really nice.

the canned quilter said...

Wouldn't ya know you go back to work and the place starts hopping : ) Love the picture of Morgan and I agree that would make a nice one to do in charcoal. Hugs!!