Thursday, September 2, 2010

Floyd French, Turkey Tracks and Juki Spiders.....

I had to show you this scrub top!

I told you that I had some cool new fabric from Michael Miller!

This is called Zinnia Path!

I fell in love with it when my eyes first hit it and went straight to the cutting table with the bolt!

I love every thing about it!

I am very proud of this one. This is probably my bestest one that I have ever made.
I cut it from another scrub top so that is always a risk. The other top was also an unfinished one from about 2 years ago so that was an even bigger risk! All I needed to do to the other one was sew the pockets on and yet they were not on there???? hmmm???

This placket area of the V-neck is always a problem area for me and a lot of others. I used to see a neat scrub on someone at work and I would go straight to see if the V was straight and I could tell if they were homemade or not!! Those girls probably thought I was staring at their cleavage!

I have over the years finally figured out how to make this placket come into a V and actually lay down! Big pat on my back from myself!

I was just pondering about a new quilting machine just last night.....pondering enough to dream really stupid dreams about it all night long too.......and I had decided that all I need is a powerhouse single stitch quilter such as this Juki that Amanda Jean has over at Crazy Mom Quilts. I decided that I do not need all those bells and whistles that my Baby Lock and my Bernina and my Kenmore already do and I never ever use all those fancy stitches anyway...................well why don't I use them? I was awfully happy when I bought all these machines because they did all these stitches but why??

So I played with some of the many stitches on my Baby this morning and found a favorite of mine that I will call "Turkey Tracks" and I put it right across the tops of my pockets just because I wanted to!!

I also did a fold down stitch down edging on the pockets that I will call Floyd French!

I live in Floyd County Va and it reminded me of a French seam but wasn't really French at all!!

Funny how my mind thinks isn't it?

ie. the spider in my new Juki quilting machine last night...........

I made some very very nice side slits on this one too.

Gotta have room for the belly when I bend over!

These old drab numbers just pale in comparison to my new fancy smancy top don't they?

Danny said that I was going to have fun for the first week at work showing off all my new clothes that I made!!!!! Well, maybe so!

I used to work in a sewing factory...imagine that??......and I would go to the mall and see a top or dress, what have you, and I would go home and whip me out a pattern (a rigged up pattern) and make the same top or dress. I used to come home in the afternoons and just make me a new top to wear to work the next day like it was nothing! Those were the days......why did I stop doing that? Maybe the family decided that they needed meals prepared or laundry done??? I dunno! Maybe it's all their fault that I don't have a nice wardrobe today, maybe they broke my good habits??

Just like it's my kids fault that I am fat!

I used to get my workout wear on and slap an exercise vhs tape in the vcr

and in about 2 seconds I would have 2 scantily clad little girls right under me donning their "lidtards" (leotards) and legwarmers!! hahaha I would get so frustrated that they were in my way that I would just go to the fridge and make me a sandwich or something and sit on the couch and watch the two of them working out in their lidtards! They would figure out pretty quickly that it was no fun and want what ever I was eating!!!
Then they grew up got married and have kids of their own!!!
HAHAHAHA!!!! Paybacks are fun!!

Here is my Newspaper Quilt that is in progress.

I am in such a habit of this quilting stitch now. I used it on my pinwheel quilt too. I WILL try something different on my next pinwheel quilt that I am piecing now.

I can do others but this one just feels comfortable to me.

I have been watching videos on youtube of different quilting techniques so watch out!

I love the back!

No I am not quilting it this way this was just staged for a picture!!!

I am a little over half way thru with the quilting.

I just realized that I did not have any binding fabric so I will make a trip to Schoolhouse Fabrics for some matching fabric....come to think of it...I bought the fabric for the border and did I not get enough for the binding too??? I have to hunt for that!


The Apple Pie Gal said...

Wow! You are really, really great! The top is awesome, looove the fabric! Your newspaper quilt is amazing and the quilt back is super!

I am running out of ways to say YOU ROCK!

And I love that you blame your kids, don't you know we blame the mom's??? :)

It's a vicious cycle, no?

the canned quilter said...

You shall indeed be the best dressed nurse there : )

Nancy M. said...

I like the tops! That fabric is fun! I like the names of your stitches! Really cute!

Brenda said...

You'll knock their socks off with your fancy scrubs!

I love the quilting stitch pattern on your quilt. It really shows up good on the photo of the back.