Wednesday, September 8, 2010

out with the old, in with the new....

A year ago we were right here in this field getting up hay.
Sunday we were one hill over doing the same thing except there was not a cloud in the sky!
There was a nice cool breeze a blowing to make the work of loading 100 bales of hay so much easier on my dh.....afterall they are "my goats" and I heard that a LOT that day!!
I heard it loud and clear when I dumped half a trailer load right back out in the field too!!
hahaha He wasn't laughing but everyone else was!
I was afraid for my life for a few minutes and I was dodging hay bales that I thought he was going to throw at me!!
He cooled back down and has sorta chuckled about it since then!!!
Nothing like loading hay twice!!
I/we are so fortunate to have a really good coonhuntin buddy....dh's coonhuntin buddy that is....who always gives us enough hay for my goats!! Can't buy friends like that everyday can you?
He has really good hay and my babies just love it!
Danny is working really really hard to get a hay shed finished, maybe tonight, to store the hay in this year. The other building that we have been storing the hay in will then be tore down to get started on my new goat barn!!!!!
Oh giggle giggle!!
I am sooo happy with that one too!
That other building has been an eyesore for 9 years to me.
I have been promised for 9 years that it wouldn't be there much longer....but it still stands......this is the year for it to come down though!
I hope to have a new goat dairy barn by spring time, with a nice milking parlor and a milk room complete with a fridge and sink!!
He gave me the dimensions and I have to design the barn to my liking.
I have changed my mind so many times......only where the stalls will be, the rest is pretty concrete. Oh giggle giggle........

I have also done some more out with the old in with the new around the house.......I have just sold 2 sewing machines on etsy (2 more to go) and I have a new one on the way.......sshhhhh......I just couldn't find the words to tell him about that new one yet!
Good thing he doesn't read my blog!
I have shown it to him and he said "well you are going to work and then you can buy it."
He just didn't know that I would buy it before I got a paycheck!!
Mums the word!!
Yep it's this one right here!!
A Juki TL98Q just like Amanda Jean's!
I have done my research and it is sure to be the right decision for me to go with this machine.
I have watched videos featuring this machine, read the reviews and drooled way to much on my keyboard. I just called them up to talk about it and within 2 minutes it was on the way from California! sshhhhhhh........
It will be here via UPS on Tuesday. The UPS man comes in the evening at about the same time that Danny gets home....I will more than likely not be here when it is delivered because I will be at work. I will have to find a way to tell him before that package arrives!
Any suggestions?
He may not take this as gracefully as he did the dumped load of hay!
Hey, we were on a very steep hillside and it couldn't be least that's what I told him!
The day before a lady dumped a WHOLE load out in the field, so I didn't feel so bad!


The Apple Pie Gal said...

Oh how exciting! Bet ya are on pins and needles waiting for delivery!

the canned quilter said...

Oh My! The guest room is empty ( :

Brenda said...

That's wonderful about getting your winter hay put up ...but I can't imagine the atmosphere when you dumped half of the load! I have to load my hay and unload and stack it when I get it home. I get 42 bales every 10 days. My arms and back have never been stronger! :D

I'll bet you're really excited about the goat/milking barn. It will make tending them and milking so much easier.

Good luck with your surprise delivery!