Monday, January 25, 2010

Playing with my Baby Lock

or is she just playing with me?
Funny how sewing machines can be so different.
I still have a lot of studying of that manual to do!!
It's starting to make sense though!
No better way to learn than hands on!
So I had to start another quilt.
These are some Moda charms that I have had for a while
and I had decided that I didn't really like them so I thought what the hay,
if they get messed up I wouldn't be out of much.

tehhee.... I am even sewing the blocks together with black thread!
There are black blocks in here though.
I love the extension table on this machine.
I have never had one and I didn't know what I was missing!
It sure saves a lot of stress on your arms.

I am quilting this quilt with a variagated thread from Robins Madera thread collection.
She has the entire Madera set for her embroidery machine and
she just happened to have them with her ;-) when she arrived today,
could have been that I asked her to bring her machine!!!
Like I don't have enough sewing machines in here.
I had to laugh earlier cause I just realized that it looks like a home ec class in here!
Time to scale down?

This is not a long arm machine but it has almost 2 more inches of space
than any of my other machines.
I am surprised how much easier it is to move a quilt around in there!

I have now decided that I like these charms!
I also like my new Baby!
I love the automatic threader.
The larger throat.
The extension table.
The thread Cutter!!!!!! woooowoooo awesome just like an industrial machine!
The knee lifter.
etc etc etc
The 1/4 inch foot works so much better than the one on my Bernina or the Kenmore machines.
The stitches are just beautiful! (unlike my Bernina)
The little blue light is actually a clip on book light but it sure helps to illuminate your work surface and it just clips on the top of the machine!
Pretty smart huh?
When you are blind like me you need all the help you can get!
All in all I love my new machine.
Thanks honey!!
I love Craigslist!!
I love the fact that I saved $478 off the price of a new machine just like it!!
I sure hope it does good in my quilting frames!
I have a couple bigger quilts started that I will try with this machine in the frames.


Vicki said...

Looks like such a fun trip. I love shopping antique stores. Your new sewing machine is really nice. I would never be able to figure it out! Just wanted to say since I read often and never comment.
Take care-Vicki

Leslie said...

It looks beautiful. It looks like you will be in the quilting business soon!

Brenda said...

What an awesome machine! In years past ... when my children were young and I was a stay at home mom ... I loved to sew and drooled over machines like this! Enjoy!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Congratulations on your new baby! She's beautiful! All sparkly, and oh-so-many buttons! My, oh my, what beatuiful quilting you do! Have fun with her:))

Amy said...

I see many projects in your future.. glad you like it!

Amanda said... keep getting new machines. Your going to let me know when you want to get rid of an old one right? ;)

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