Thursday, January 28, 2010

Move over Martha!!

Becky is on the warpath now!
In her new semi-organized sewing studio.
Oh boy oh boy have I been at it today. I was so tired of having a sewing machine here and an ironing board there. Here a cutting board and there a cutting board.....and everywhere in my house a sewing mess.
How was a girl to get anything done?
So I went to town on this room upstairs which was my original sewing room.
I have had a dilema with my quilting frames......I did not have room to put them up and extend them to fit a king sized quilt. Or hardly room to even use them for a lap quilt either. Danny has been begging me to make one for our bed. He made me a bed when we first got married....full size though. He says if he could build a bed at least I could make a quilt for it!! Does he really know what's involved with that one? LOL!!!
In the picture above there are 2 big Rubbermaid tables sitting end to end which can be used for the frames as big as I need them to be!!! woooowooooo!!!!! Finally figured that one out!
Until I get that said king size quilt made and ready for the frames one of the tables will be used as a cutting table. It is up on blocks to save my back!
My Christmas present last year was a whole bunch of new receptacles in my sewing room and peg board!!
This sewing cabinet was a consignment store treat at $44 last year!!!!!!! I love it!!
You see what kept me going today....Dr Pepper and my MP3!!!
I may be sewing all night!!
I am still a little bit crowded but it seems to be pretty functional at the same time.
One of the best things I have ever done was to buy that big display of Gutermann thread. I got it 1/2 price at Joann Fabrics (I think it was $89) a couple years ago and it has really come in handy. I don't remember ever being out of thread unless it was quilting thread since I bought this.

I can sit in the one rolling chair and scoot around to the 3 different machines as I need to.

Semi-organized shelves for storage. I have lots of containers that have been repurposed for storage of sewing notions. My bolts of fabric fit on the bottom shelf nicely. The tan cabinet is chock full of fabric. No it's not sorted by colors and perfectly folded so
I did not take pictures of that ;-)
I wish!!

Lots of good work surface until it gets junky!!

I love having a big cutting table!

When I need to extend the frames I can move some of this over or out for a while.

My next project!

Another quick charm quilt by Moda!
I love me some Moda fabrics!
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my sewing studio!


Kim said...

First of all....I'm in love....I'm extremely jealous....I would love to be your neighbor! Secondly, SO you're the one who outbid me for that charm pack!!!!! LOL! Your quilts are simply amazing!

Amanda said...

Wow! That's all I can say.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Jealous~ again!! 3 sewing machines, a whole room for sewing, Dr Pepper, and no interruptions!! I love the idea of having the table set up on blocks for cutting. I always get such a sore back and neck from bending over to cut. A king size quilt is on the husband agenda here, too. I just can't seem to stay focused on one quilt to make a big one:))) Happy sewing my friend! Beautiful work!

Leslie said...

Now thats a big difference! Thats a sewing room to blog about!! Too bad you don't have a bathroom up there you wouldn't have to leave!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Thanks my friends! Your comments make it all worthwhile!! Well all the projects that I have in mind and the space to do them in might top it off!!!!!!!
I love you guys!!

Catherine Anne said...

LOVE it here each time:)

RiverBend Farm said...

Handy quilt room tip:
Go to a dollar store and buy the biggest flannel backed vinyl tablecloth and hang it with thumbtacks (vinyl side to the wall) for a viewing wall of your blocks. They stick to the flannel and you can see what your quilt is going to look like.

Brenda said...

Your special room looks like a great place to do what you love to do! That's the way I feel about my cheese processing room ... a place that is made just to do what I enjoy! Enjoy creating in your newly organized sewing room!

Lorilee said...

Your workspace is looking great! I finally got a cutting table a year or so ago. It is wonderful not having to bend over! I just can't seem to keep the ironing and other
"stuff" from getting piled on top of it!

Sage said...

So girly..I gotta know..WHAT kind of bug bit YOU?? You've been quilting and refurbishing and quilting and refurbishing..and shall I go on?? C'mon SHARE that bug damnit!

日月神教-任我行 said...