Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Living room!

This is the ceiling fan that was here when we moved and it worked so dh could not see replacing it......but look how ugly it is. I did not put that funky looking butterscotch color paint on it. I promise I didn't.
OK now I did however put this funky paint on it!! WOW!! I love it and it's so shabby chic isn't it? I thought if he doesn't like it I will surely be able to get a new one then but he likes it too!! It wouldn't have anything to do with me being happy and him not having to hang another one now would it??
Freshly painted all but about a sq foot over the stove that I will finish when I start the next room. I cleaned the windows and all the trim work, not just Windex but a bucket of hot soapy water and clear rinse water and dried. Can you believe it I haven't done that in like forever!!! Inside and out I might add and the screens cleaned and scrubbed too!!! The floor mopped as I went and furniture dusted. The ceiling freshly painted too!!!! OMG I am tired!!!
I know I will be doing a lot of that kinda deep cleaning from here on out with all this white!!
I want to make slipcovers for the sectional, we'll see about that one day. I do plan to make some shabby chicish throw pillows soon.
I mustered up enough energy to make one valance out of the linen that I picked up yesterday for $3 a yard. The really good linen too!! I was hoping to make the ones for the big windows tonight after supper but I ended up back outside cleaning the rest of the windows and the walls on the front of the house with a bucket of water and a long brush that I found in the garage. Sometimes it comes in handy having big trucks around cause of the tools such as a long handled scrub brush!!! I just went to town on one window and before I knew it I had cleaned the whole front of the house!!
I'm off to the tub for good long hot soak. Maybe I'll get lucky and soak some of the paint off of me!!

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Leslie said...

Looks great!! Can't wait to see it. Probably tomorrow:)