Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Little Graduate!!

May 22, 2008 Emma Faith Cox graduated from preschool!
I see a future American Idol here, get ready mom and dad!!
Look Ma I am standing right where I am supposed to be on the letters E M M A !!
Those other wise guys beside me aren't! Do you see me Simon Cowell, see my proper form, huh?

What a group!

Don't tell anyone but this dude beside me in the next pic is my beau

Colby .. isn't he cute! .....hehehe....shh....Mama and Daddy are reading this!!

Emma was singing to her brother "I love you, because Jesus tells me to" and she was grinning so big and pointing her finger at him, and what was he doing......
.....THIS....this is what he was doing back to his this "Brotherly Love" or what!!!

Colton I caught you!!! and now your mother and father have too!!!
I know my dad was enjoying my little concert too, look at that big smile of his!!!


Leslie said...

Love all the pics on the blog. You are just a proud granny ain't ya.

Sage said...

Now keep these pics for future ability to blackmail! LOL
Love the blog girl, it's looking GREAT!!!

Lovin it, lovin it!!
We Hedgewives have to stick together with these blogs! Let the world see!:)
I'm ill, I know it.