Wednesday, June 17, 2009

City girl or Country girl? You decide! I'm unsure!

Anxiously awaiting Nubian babies. Saphira is really getting large even though the picture doesn't capture it well.

Violet is also getting huge. I think she will go first. The due date for Saphira is July 13th. Not certain for Violet but she started showing first. It's always exciting around here during kidding season, it's just never been so late in the year :-)

They look like they are discussing motherhood...."cloth vs. disposable"......"breast vs. bottle"...."This midwife is a nut, don't ya think?" ......... "I think I'll just throw these kids while she is asleep cause she will be a wreck watching the birth"...... "Yeah, me too"

This is what a farmgirl drives and rides around the farm in.

This is what a city girl drives and rides around in. You see, I am mixed up!!

Then here we go again. Brand new state of the art convection range. Remember my old wood cookstove? It is just around the corner. The city girl in me can cook on the new range and when I feel like it I can cook on the old timey wood stove. The best of both worlds!!!!!!!!

I love it! Thanks honey!

I spent the whole day in the kitchen. I made 2 loaves of Amish Bread, one for the freezer. 21 biscuits that I flash froze and put in the freezer to bakeoff as needed. Thrifty huh? I made a fabulous Blueberry Pound Cake with fresh blueberries , the first of the season. It was the oven all these years that kept me from being able to bake cakes that were more than just barely edible. I never volunteered to bring dessert to a function cause they were so ugly. This new oven bakes so steady and evenly. Does that make any sense? Just come on over and we'll make something together and you will see!!

Amish bread rising. The range has a "proof" feature but I haven't tried it yet.

Looky, looky, I finally have an oven with a window and light. That could be why my cake turned out soooooooo good, I didn't have to peep in the oven by opening the door ;-)

After being, married for 32 years a couple will start thinking alike. Well, we did that many years ago and boy is that scary! Before the range came in I had decided that I would be a good little housewifey and make him a favorite of his, Liver and Onions. It was going to be a surprise. Last evening we were getting the new range in it's place and Danny looked at me and said "The first meal that I want you to cook on this stove is 'Liver and Onions'." Well, he got his hearts desire tonight for supper and he was a real happy camper.
So ladies, I want you to decide which role fits me. City or Country girl?


RiverBend Farm said...

Liver and onions?! Yuk! We'll let that slide and forgive you for that one! But..all that baking...sounds like a country girl to me! Love the new stove. Can't wait to see pictures of the new little kids.

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

I am right there with you on the L&O's YUCK!!!! I had leftover tacos!

I am so excited bout the babies coming. I might be calling on you to come up here and help me when they all come at once ;0) I have yet another doe that's due shortly after the Nubian's. She is my ole faithful fainter and has always kidded without troubles and is a great mom but the rest of the time she is a B****. I will probably get rid of her and the kids together.

Thanks for stopping by.

Shanda said...

Congrats on the new stove, what an awesome stove.
Hope to see pics of the baby goats. I always had a goat as a pet when I was growing up. It kept the shetland pony company and would ride up back to the feed pail when it was really muddy.
We got into the same predictament with ur horse foaling late and then by the time they were bred back it became just bthe oppsite I guess, we started getting foals in Jan and Feb, just way to early in MO. for little babies outside, especially horses. We finally had to wait for rebreding and get back on the right schedule, you may have to do the same althouh you should have plenty of time to get them beig before winter, but you will probably miss all the fairs and such if you show.
Good luck with the birthing, it is always exciting. We had a boarding horse to foal last night here. Her owners are on OK for a couple of months and they ask us to look after her for them. She a pretty little stud colt.