Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Early morning garden

Watch out potato bug! The guineas are coming right along to get you, but not a moment too soon.
I like this picture because it would lead one to believe that I have a weed free garden! teh hee!

Early yesterday morning while the sun was coming up (and beaming right in my eyes and camera but I had to get a weedless looking shot ;) and the grass was still wet with dew. At least the sun was shining!!!!! Thank You Lord!! We have really had some beautiful days lately and it is so welcomed after sooooooo much rain. Notice there is still no deck on the back of the house. I have been promised that it is coming soon.

Tomatoes, of course are our favorite thing ever, and they seem to be getting ready to blight. We have read that the best thing for a rainy season is to mulch around them. I am afraid that I will have to get a fungicide after them as they are already turning yellow at the bottom. The mulch is really good and rotten and I know it didn't burn them. We really try to go as organic as possible and we are getting better and better each year with that but occasionally we have to pull out all the stops and spray. When the guineas get old enough to do thier job I hope to only have to spray for blight and such but not for BUGS!!

Please don't click to enlarge or my secret will be exposed. Weeds!! Lots of weeds!! The soil is so hard after so many weeks of hard rains that you can hardly get a hoe in it. We have really great soil with all the barn loads of animal poop and truck loads of mulch that has been put in over the past 8 years. Not hardly a rock to be seen. (Sorry Leslie, I know that you grow lots of rocks over on your homestead but we have decided to not go that route) No rocks here but tons of weeds and I am not sure how to get a handle on them now. I worked my crazy self to death the past couple days with the mattic/pick to get 3 rows of corn hoed out. Yes 3 days from daylight til dark......jus kiddin' but it was really hard to do.

We do however have some good looking veggies such as several different varieties of summer squash that are coming in now! Yummy!! I have beets to be canned or pickled like TODAY!!!!! I hope all of your gardens are doing good and that they are weed and rock free!!!!


RiverBend Farm said...

Our garden is just about ready to be completely plowed under because it's been so hot here. Yours looks so green and manicured..wanna come work in mine?

Nancy M. said...

You should see my garden if you think you have a lot of weeds. I have way more! My garden is also suffering from the heat.