Thursday, June 11, 2009

One more trip around the sun, boating adventure and NO PATIENCE!!!

Well, where do I begin?
I guess it begins with a tiny little blurb about my birthday being yesterday. I would not mention it due to the fact that I have had too many of them in the past and that story has gotten old!!! Not really, I am so thankful for the fact that I am able to continue having them so I can see more of my lovely family and friends and be able to do the things that bring me joy!! Thank you God for letting me turn 47! I LOOOOOVE MY LIFE!!!!
Next the big boating story! Sunday afternoon was gorgeous (NOT RAINING FOR ONCE) so we decided to hit the lake. This was Leslies first trip on the new boat, probably her last one!
Look at it go! The wind in our hair. Smooth sailing!

Emma loves the new boat cause she loves to go fast!! The faster the better for her!!

Danny on the other hand, likes it real slow. He enjoyed a nap while the kids were in the water. That was until they splashed him, I am not sure where they got the idea to do so ;-)..........So anyway after the nap we were going to cruise the lake for a 5 miles down the lake from the truck and BAM!! The hub in the propellor came out so we were only able to barely putter back to the truck. Colton napped the whole way back. I nearly cried. I would have had we not had enough propeller action to keep us moving at least at a snails pace! Better than rowing right? We only had to be pulled about 40 feet by another boat, and we had help getting it pulled up on the trailer too. We now have a new prop on the boat and the old one repaired and in the boat for a spare.
We had to get the boat fixed this week cause we are all anxiously awaiting a Summer Festival this Saturday at Claytor Lake State Park. There will be festivities all day and then at dark fireworks on the lake. A big barge sits in the middle of the lake and there are about 100 boats around it to watch. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

My birthday gift!! My new microwave. The other one died over a month ago. This one matches, in color only, my fridge and dishwasher. ...........drum roll Please!..........the best part is I get the matching range too!! It is on it's way to me but I just found out it is to be here on Tuesday. I have no patience when it comes to things like this. When I buy something I want it right then. My other appliances are Whirlpool. I did my consumer research junk and got the best on the market at the time, a couple years ago. I don't understand how they came to that conclusion that they were the best because they are horrible. I have never liked them from day one. I will replace them soon. This time I did no research and bought what I wanted due to the bells and whistles that the item had that matched my needs. I can't trust a bunch of overpaid geeks telling me what I should buy.
The range and microwave are Samsung. The microwave is very basic, I don't do much microing anyway. The range however.........another drum roll a smooth top 5 burner, CONVECTION RANGE with the hidden element, has a warming drawer and it is a steam clean!!!!! OMG I can't hardly wait. I will have to learn how to cook all over again with convection. I will probably burn everything and end up cooking on my wood cookstove!!!!!! LOL!! I burn everything on it too ;-)

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RiverBend Farm said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds you almost had a day of R&R but at least you got repairs done and had a memorable day. What a winner with the microwave and range!