Saturday, June 20, 2009

Not so Simple Saturday down on the farm

Here are the 2 big boys who keep watch over Le Poulet Hous
Foghorn Leghorn on the left is the meanest blankety blank blank I have ever seen. I pray that no one ever leaves the henhouse door open and he gets out cause he Will get me. He has eyed me for months now.......almost got me back in the spring. I was bent over....LOL! LOL! Just picture it!!! LOL again..... and I sensed something coming from behind, looked between my legs and it was him levetating 2 foot off the ground with wings spread heading for my what would he do with this big fat rear? I was right beside a big red handled shovel.....I mention the red handle cause I can spot it quickly and it stays near the henhouse just for times like these.......the rest is history shall we say........... not really I couldn't get quite the swing that I wanted at his head but came pretty close. He stomps and stammers at the wire on the lot everytime he sees me now...... he wants to finish what he had started I guess!!!!!
And he crows all day and all night........."Becky" ...."Oh Becky"...."Where are you, honey? Come on out here. I have something for you!"
The other little boy is so quiet and docile!! I love him!!
OK So it's like this..... I should not even be thinking about sitting here on my bum on this crazy computer with ALL the things I need to be doing outside and inside..........
wash dishes from last nights late supper (Had to get in some serious fishing time with the grandpunks, guess who didn't catch a single,
finish mowing the yard (had to come in a take an iced tea break and see what you guys were doing today),
take off the trash,
weed the garden,
weed eat(maybe I could just weedeat the weeds in the garden?)
Weed the flower beds (as I was riding the lawn mower around I would see this big poke bush in the middle of the flowers or a big clump of grass that has went to seed or a dandelion, etc, etc,.....)
Clean out the chicken coop (WAY OVERDUE!!!) (Will be quite a feat with Foghorn in there might I add)
Put the chicken poop on the grass around the fishpond (I know it will burn it but this soil has zero nurishment now, nothing but shell soil, whatever it's called it's lacking everything and a good layer of chicken dung will do it some good!!!)
Pick Blueberries and make another SCRUMPTIOUS blueberry pound cake for a picnic tomorrow, ( remember new oven and I can now bake ;-)
and I forgot what else there is to do.......... I am sure that I'll figure it out by the time I get this all done!!!!!
OOPS!! I better go now. I hear a big dump truck pulling in the driveway. The boss is back home. How can I get him to do anything around here if I am not working????? Shhhhh!! Our little secret, right?


Farm Chick Paula said...

Goodness Miss Rebecca- you have had one more day!
I love how you take iced tea breaks to check on your blog friends...*snicker* I too have been known to do that on occasion!
I think Foggy would be in my stew pot if he doesn't shape up... maybe next time you can hit him with the pot lid and knock him right in! LOL

Shanda said...

I had one just like him last summer. He tried and tried with me and before summer was over you would have thunk I knew Tae Knon Do. He was given to a very nice farm family who wanted a crower. He rolled my Boston Terrier so many times, she hated that chicken with a passion.