Monday, June 15, 2009

A starry night boat ride!

Saturday was the Summer Festival at Claytor Lake State Park that I had mentioned previously. We have only been on this lake one time, and it was just in a cove near the marina that we put in at, so we knew NOTHING about it. We put in way down the lake from the festivities this time and ventured down to find the party.Only because we hadn't a clue where we were going. The map of the lake was at home in my office!! OMG the lake was beautiful!!!!
Soooooo many sailboats! I love sailboats!! There are never any sailboats on our other lake :-(

Look at him. He was astonished with the townhouses. Look at that jawdrop LOL!! He turned around and told me that we should sell both houses and just buy one of those and stay on the lake all the time. Allright by me but not in a townhouse. I picked out my piece of property on the lake that already has my big red barn on it!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! I'll have to hunt the pic.

This was a great way to kill some time waiting for the sun to go down for the fireworks to begin. We met up with some friends with a YACHT!! and we tied up with them to watch the fireworks. This is my land behind us ;-) hahaha....... what's not so funny is it was a loooooooong way down the lake from where we launched our boat. Did you know it's dark when you have fireworks? Think about it!!

Yep it's pretty dark by now. Let me tell ya now, this was the very best fireworks I have ever seen!! The sky was ablaze with continuous color and tricks I have never seen. We all loved it. Then suddenly no skylights. Only a little red, a little green and little bitty white light on a zillion boats trying to find their way in the dark. Well a bunch of the folks knew where they were or could really see in the dark. We couldn't. I have to hand it to Captain Danny because he just navigated his way in the dark on a strange lake and had us loaded in one hour and on our way home. We really had some tired little pups with us. 12 hours on the lake boating, swimming and taking in the festivities at the park. Whew we were all tired. We all loved it, even boating in the dark!!

Check out all the sailboats on this video!

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Mel said...

Wish we were there,looks like that long day of fun paid off in the end. Our weather here has been stinky so far, chilly with lots of rain, makes me envy seeing you all in swimsuits and on the lake...

Beautiful sailboats all around you, what more could you ask for, well maybe a Pina Colada. LOL

Thanks for sharing,