Thursday, August 6, 2009

Antique treasures...... and then some

I found this great little Costco rolling cart this week in antique store. It is great condition with only a couple little blemishes. I have almost zero counter space and I had purchased this to go in the rental kitchen but once I got it home I found that it was needed in my kitchen worse. It will be a pain to have to roll it away when we need something out of those cabinets but when I need counter space it will be worth it! I think I will be able to use my big mixer for a lot of jobs right where it is without having to put it up on the counter. I use it alot.
These are scalloped eyelet curtain panels from the same shop. They are just beautiful in person. Oh I really wish I had a good camera.

I have the perfect spot for these ;-)

This little guy I picked up a while back and have put off painting it. This is a vintage record cabinet for my collection of lp's.

These are before pics (almost forgot!) I am starting to shabby it up a little and put it at the Fairy's Rest

Incase you couldn't tell by my playlist......I love old country music from the 70's , well actually any music from the 70's. I have about 100 lp's and my dh got me a great little record player for Christmas a couple years ago. I just purchased a lot of 24 this week at my favorite antique store. They were priced at $75 individually and I got the whole lot for $24. I love to put on the records and listen to them while I am doing housework or just relaxing. It has been in my bedroom and when I am ironing I would pick out one from my collection and listen. I think it would get more use at the retreat by me and my guests if they in fact are old enough to know what a record is!!!!!!

I purchased this old feed sack at a quilt show a couple years ago. I have a friend who just purchased her first home and I decided to make her an apron. I was able to get both of us a cute but simple apron out of the whole piece. Not a thread of fabric was left. Good planning huh? I hope she likes it.

This little beauty is my grandaughter Morgan modeling my apron that I couldn't resist from Ross's last week. I plan to use it as a pattern to make some more and put this one in the rental kitchen. Don't make her mad with a rolling pin in hand!!

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Amanda said...

You did good! I love those curtain panels. And now the girl with the apron obsession is going to have to check out Ross's on Monday. lol