Friday, August 14, 2009

Look what's in Leslie's apron....

She robbed my garden and my henhouse!
Get my gun!! She is not going to make if far with my booty from my garden especially a German Pink Tomato!! Actually she was here yesterday helping me make peach preserves and frozen peach pie filling and chicken-n-dumplings and...... so I guess she can raid my booty if she wants to. This headless apron wearing hunter is Leslie from
OK Now folks today is the day. It is finally time for me to turn my 5 guineas out to allow them to free range. You know these were my little peeps out of my very first clutch that I ever set on, I mean incubated. I am very very over protective of them!! I don't want to get my feathers ruffled today either. Leslie had way to many ruffled feathers and bit nails when she turned her's out at first. She lost 2 of hers before they learned about how to go out and do their job of finding bugs and making their way back home to the right bed at night!!!! See why I am stressing over turning mine out!!!! Wish me luck!!!


Leslie said...

I sure do wish I got that bounty of veggies out of my garden! But I'm glad you guys share!!!!!

The guineas will learn soon. Just don't feed them on your porch!!!!!

Linda Stubbs said...

I love your picture on your header. Just beautiful. Is that in your kitchen. You are soooooo blessed if it is.
I am have Beachy friends that have one sort of like this. It is so neat.

The guineas are the ugliest birds, but are so precious with thier little babies. I love it. I go everymorning to look at watch them running around. I love it.

When you get your coop decorated I want to see. I have to make my curtain for the inside. I get to design fabric for a company and designed on purpose a Farmer's Market. I had in mind as I was doing it to use one of the pieces for curtains. Silly me. I do have a wonderful picture on the wall that I need to put up on line. It is really cute. I will try to do that today. Just for you!!!!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh Linda you are so sweet. Yes the wood cookstove is kinda in my kitchen, it is sorta more in the "small great room" between the dining and living areas! Just around the corner! I love it. I found it thru maryjanesfarm, one of the farmgirls had it for sale and we traveled about 5 hours to get it!!

My guineas are scared to venture out today. Too funny! They just look out and chatter among themselves and run back in!!!

Yes I want to see the fabric! Can I find the fabric that you used for the clothespin bag at Joannes? I haven't been for a while. I am so proud of you for designing your own fabric! Maybe you can come up with a vintage wood cookstove design ;-) I'll buy it!!