Friday, August 21, 2009

Don't come visit me!!

If you know what's good for you you will stay away from here. I just told you about the spiders, snakes and bear. That's enough to keep most of you away anyhow, right?

Well what about bees??? Ever heard of that movie about the killer bees??? Maybe not that bad yet but more than one is way too many!!

I got up at 5am with Danny and of course plopped down on the sofa with my laptop to check in on all you guys out there. My sofa is in front of my window. While I sat here I kept hearing a ticking noise in the window. I just brushed it off as a really big moth trying to get in to the light. I kept blogging and blogging and it kept ticking and ticking and ticking and TICKING AND BANGING AND KNOCKING AND GETTING MUCH LOUDER AND FASTER!!! Well I finally decided to look up at the window. You know some of you guys are so interesting that it takes a lot of disturbance to distract me from reading your blog!

When I looked up at the window it was covered with some sort of bee...a bee is a bee to me! I think it may bee some sort of hornet type bee....but a bee is a bee to me! I threw the light on them and it was sooooo creepy. I turned off all the front room lights so maybe they would leave, walked into the kitchen and one was in there and flew toward my head. I started doing the fight-like-a-girl-with-a-bee-getting-in-her-hair dance and it didn't get in my hair. I got the fly swatter or should I say flybat and killed it.

My guineas have a lot of work to do around here. I have heard that they are supposed to eat spiders, bees and snakes......what about bear??? Of course I have always heard that goats keep away snakes too.......I have 8 goats. How many goats does it take? I also have 8 guineas maybe they can join forces and the 16 of them and my 3 cats and 1 big bad miniature daschund should be able to handle the creepy crawly's. Meanwhile I think I will just stay in the house today!

You can come and join me in my sewing room today! I'll go check it out for ....?????.....maybe mice?? I do know my outside cats do their job because they leave their bounty on my porch by my door each morning! A dead mouse is OK by me!

I promise NO MORE CREEPY POSTS!!! Unless..........................


Amanda said...

Guineas get rid of snakes!?!? I had no idea.

Fonville Farm said...

That does it! I'm staying at Leslie's house next week! Even if I do have to sleep on the floor, its better than spiders, snakes, bears, and bees!

Nancy M. said...

You have an interesting time of it there, lol! I love my guineas and they usually do a pretty good job of some of the creepy crawly things.