Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I am married to the smartest man in the world...

My guineas have had their door to their pen open for several days and would not venture out until today. I was loving watching them just putter around the barn talking to themselves and running back and forth.

Well we were wondering if they would infact go back in their pen at night fall to roost. No of course not. They all went to the top of the barn/coop to roost there. Then my dh being the smartest man in the world, decides to go and get a ladder and get up on top of the barn and run them off. Run them off he did too. Out thru the yard and into the woods as fast as they could fly. I will probably never see them again. I think he should have to sleep in a tree tonight too!!

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Leslie said...

I'm so sorry! Daddy's in the dog house AGAIN!!!