Monday, October 26, 2009

Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt

I got this started today. It's is going to be a Christmas Tree Skirt made out of a pack of Moda turnovers. The pattern is Figgy Pudding. I love the colors and patterns of this fabric.

This is a great tool for quilting. The Shape-n-cut. I am not really good with rotory cutting because I always seem to not have it lined up perfectly or something. This tool makes it so easy to cut an exact piece.

Love the red with trees!

and the peppermints

This is my favorite tool in my sewing room!!
I have a Bernina as shown in my header but it is no where as good a machine as this $76 Kenmore! I bought it last winter new in the box on ebay. It cost right much more than that in the stores but not $1200 like my Bernina. My Bernina is getting ready to go to the sewing machine Dr because this nurse can't seem to diagnose the problem. I have a battle everytime I sew on it. Either it bunches up threads underneath when I start a seam or when I am stippling a quilt the threads are out of adjustment. I have tried everything I could ever imagine to fix it myself but I give up now. This Kenmore and my other Kenmore which is a cheaper version also new from ebay, without all the bells and whistles, work perfectly everytime I sew on them. This one is lacking one feature that I can live without but I would love to have is the needle down option.

I am using the pinwheel pattern for the skirt. Easy since the turnover pieces are precut triangles and all I have to do is cut the biege fabric in the same size triangles. I have planned for years to make a tree skirt but couldn't decide how I wanted it. I think I have figured it out now!! I have enough pieces left over for a table runner for my dining room table and I am going to purchase one of the coordinating fabrics and make valances for the dining room windows. Either the red trees or one with peppermints, either one will work.


Amanda said...

I love it! That red tree cloth is really cute.

clare's craftroom said...

Rebecca your tree is going to look fabulous this year . I love that fabric .

Sage said...

Looking GOOD!!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

The older machines were built to be USED and to LAST forever! I've got a late 1800 Singer hand crank that still works like a charm. 'Course it only goes in one direction...front, but it still goes and goes beautifully. The seam is tight as a tic and straight as an arrow.
My newest Singer is 1971 and it's still chugging along just as are all the other antique machines around here.
Me included -smile-.