Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chasing lizards, watching the grass grow and things I've learned from fellow farmgirls!

I have told you before that I DON"T LIKE SPIDERS AND SNAKES!


The Fairy's Rest has plenty lizards though and I don't like that.

Danny says when you live in the woods you are living in their habitat and you have to deal with them. Urgh!! This one looks like a baby crocodile.

This one was possibly pregnant and there will soon be all sorts of baby lizards around for me to enjoy! Yuck!

Well the pictures really didn't pick up on how green the yard was Sunday.

Yesterday much higher due to a really good warm rain on Monday.

I will be mowing soon enough. As if I have some free time to mow yet another yard.

OK gals.........I have had this vintage Easy Spin washer for a few years now. It worked but there was something wrong with the pump on it and Danny never would work on it for me so I let my sister-in-law talk me right out of it. Well she is married to Danny's brother Billy and she never could get Billy to work on it either. They were coming to our house one day and Billy called and asked me if I wanted the machine back.


Of course I did! OMG girls I thought my husband was going to kill me! Seriously if looks could kill I would be dead right now cause I got "THE LOOK" from Danny when he saw that washing machine pull back in our driveway!! hahaha Then after he had to unload the "very heavy piece of junk" and put it in "His" garage to junk it up further with "My junk".............there was a lot of yada yada's coming from him for about 3 months!!!

Well my intentions were to plant flowers in it. I went Saturday morning and bought a tray of annuals and was pumped to get the machine filled with dirt and get them going.

Only one little problem here....................... well a big problem.......the machine is very very heavy and Danny was on an excavating job! So I thought and I thought and I said well he really wants that piece o junk out of his garage so with his job being only about 5 miles from home................I thought he would be more than happy to run home really quick and help me hoist this junk out to the designated area beside the barn and then run right back to work. I mean he is his own boss and he is entitled to a break, right? WRONG!!!! He flat out said NO!! then I thought and thought some more and I was getting hotter by the minute, cause when I want to do something I want to do it right now. So I thought of my dear friend Terri and wondered how she would get it moved out there. Then it hit me that if I could someway get it on the Gator that maybe I could dump it off where it needed to be.

Not near as easy as it looks.

I did hoist it up on the back of the Gator ..................details would take way to long to tell you but I was just this much short of a herniation. I got it where it needed to be, came inside to sit and rest a minute and "Cool off".............when I hear a very familiar sound outside......a red Chevy truck pulling in my driveway.............


No way???

I was really mad by then!!!

Danny~ well come on and get that stupid thang moved so I can get back to work.

me~ I have already moved it.

him~ Ha you did not.

me~ yes I did.

him~ There is no way that you could have moved that heavy thing by yourself.

me~ well look at it (pointing out the window to where it now sits)

him~ How the **** did you do that?

me~ The Gator.

him~ how did you even get it on the Gator?

me~ I was mad enough at you that I coulda moved my house if I wanted it moved!!!

Nuff said?

him~ (always having to get the last word in) you should get that mad more often!!

He turned around and went back to work!

I went to filling the machine with dirt and compost and plants.

I hope Terri is proud of me!!

The rest of the past week while I wasn't blogging or beating my husband up, has been spent doing the same type of things. Even when it rained on Monday I would run out between showers and dig up something and bring up on the porch and divide it and then run back out and get it replanted.

Robin and Eric were in for a couple days and Robin helped me all day yesterday!!
Gardening at both houses!

I liked having my gardening buddy back too!!!!

She bought me a car load of plants from Ga and she left out yet again this morning with her car loaded down from here!! Poor Eric has bruises on his feet from digging in the Ga clay.

The things we country gals make our spouses do???????


OurCrazyFarm said...

You go girl!! We must really be siamese twins because I was hauling heavy stuff (like a wood stove, all by myself, okay it was a little one, but still) on a 4 wheeled machine yesterday, too. I can just imagine you out there:)))) Oh..... I am still laughing!! Poor, poor Danny!! Well, at least you quit beating him up, and the purple flowers were all worth it, too,really!! Let me know when they schedule that hernia repair, I'm right there with you girl, they can wheel us in together holding hands, and extra drugs please. Love you crazy lady! Terri

the canned quilter said...

Oh my Gosh I planted my washer with flowers too! Poor Danny ! NOT... He and OWO should get together and compare battle wounds. Hugs : )

Brenda said...

Becky, all the hard work and aggravation was sure worth it ... it turned out beautiful! It's amazing what we ca do when we really want something. :D Great job!

Nancy M. said...

Wow! You go girl! Your hubby was too funny, get mad more often, lol! It really does look nice with the flowers in it!

basketsbyrose said...

You go girl! I have learned a long long time ago, if I want something done do it yourself. My DH can not understand what I'm up to, but when we have company, the story changes. How I think outside the box! You can not buy this look at Walmart. Keep going!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Thanks girls! I can just hear the stories that Danny will come up with if we have company over......such as "Yeah that was my idea. I told her it would look good with flowers planted in it since I couldn't get it to work for her. I am glad that Billy brought it back up here. I told her I would help her move it out here but she did that on her own." LOL!!!!!
Over the years there have been a lot of my ideas that suddenly turned into his ideas when they worked out!!!